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This morning I wrote in my Appreciation Journal, “Thank you for everyone who I had thought had hurt me in this Life Experience.” Now I KNOW no one ever hurt me; they were only doing exactly what I asked them to do on a spiritual level. They were only being who I ASKED them to be; they were only playing the role I asked them to play when I wrote out the script to this Life Experience.

There is a wonderful children’s book by Neale Donald Walsch that illustrates this perfectly. The book is “The Little Soul and the Sun”; I brought this book for my grandson TJ this past summer. Now I know no one can ever hurt me and no one is ever trying to hurt me and everything I experience is of my choosing. This is NOT to say that we cannot change our choices in every NOW moment of creation. We are creating our Life Experience in every eternal Now moment and we can change our choice in every moment.

Yes, we do have a Soul Plan before we come into this Life Experience; some would call this DESTINY, however, we can alter the plan in each eternal Now moment of creation; this we call FREE WILL. Yes, Destiny and Free Will exist side-by-side. This is one of the paradoxes of Life; our Life Experience is filled with paradox. It is not “This or That”, it is “This and That”!

So when we KNOW that everyone we meet and come into contact with in this Life Experience, in this movie/play of our own creation, are just playing out the roles we wrote for them, we understand they are giving us a “Gift” by playing these roles for us. We should “Thank” everyone we thought did us a wrong. I do understand how many may have trouble with that, so we can say “Forgive with No Apologies Needed” and Bless All we come into contact with. Remembering that other person is Divine and apart of you and apart of the ONE which is GOD!

Little Soul and the Sun DVD Intro

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