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Living in the Present Moment - Awakening to the NOW

I first learned of the importance of Living in the Present moment when I read Eckhart Tolle's book the "Power of Now". I first bought the book in 2005 and when I first attempted to read the book I did not understand it and I put in on the bookshelf after reading the first chapter. At that time I just could not grasp what he was teaching.

Then after I had my Awakening to Oneness in October of 2007, I picked up the book and understood it perfectly and could not put it down until I read the entire book. It is now one of my favorite books. After my Awakening to Oneness everything about being Present and living in the Now is so clear. I was just recently introduced to another spiritual teacher by the name of Leonard Jacobson and his teaching is all about being Present and living in the NOW moment; because truly the NOW is All There IS. Seek Ye first the Kingdom of Heaven!” And Jesus told us where to find Heaven, “Heaven is Within”. Awakening to the Present Moment is the Key! When we step into the Now we are awakening to what is Real. When I read the "Power of Now" it made me realize that most of the time my mind was in the past or in the future, very rarely was I focus on the Present moment, the NOW. I believe that is true for most of us. Here is a GREAT video of one of Leonard Jacobson webcast seminars. Keys to Awakening - Live video webcast: Jan 6, 2015

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