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The Bible Is A Channeled Book

When I was preparing to launch my internet radio show Awake 2 Oneness Radio in February 2015, I was speaking to a close friend of mine who is a closed-minded fundamentalist Christian.

There is NO judgment in that description, it is just the best way I can describe him. He and I have been very close for many years; he is like a brother to me. Anyway, when I mentioned to him I was going to have a channel as my guest on my radio show he told me he was done with me and he would not speak to me again.

We have always been very open and honest with each other about our beliefs and I knew his beliefs and my beliefs differ greatly, nevertheless I have great respect for him and his beliefs they are just not mine. He has always told me "Read your Bible!"; he would tell me this daily.

Well let's look at the Bible! The Bible is a collection of CHANNELED books that were written by many authors thousands of years ago, originally written mostly in Hebrew and some text were written in Aramaic. The first translation of the Hebrew Bible was translated into Greek.

The original text of the Bible has been translated, mis-translated, edited and large portions deliberately deleted by the powers that be at the time for their own agenda.

Today Christians will tell you the only book you need to read is the Bible. My question to them would be "Is God so limited that he can only and would only speak to people thousands of years ago, the authors of the Bible? Can God not speak to people today?".

There are so many GREAT books that have been channeled in recent years that have been channeled in English that have not been edited. Books like The Conversations with God book series, A Course in Miracles, The Seth Material, Abraham Hicks' books, and very recently Jesus My Autobiography; just to name a few, there are so many I cannot list them all here.

There is some great information in the Bible and many other channeled books. I personally would not limit myself to just one book to hear the voice of God. He speaks to us through many authors, but most importantly he speaks to us all the time directly through our own heart. Quiet your mind and listen to your heart He is there speaking to you right now.

Original Bible scrolls looked like this.

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