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Lost and Found with Sheri Perl

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with author Sheri Perl Migdol live on Friday, December 30, 2016 at 7:00 PM EST. Click here to listen to the show.

Sheri is the author of Lost and Found - A Mother Connects-Up With Her Son In Spirit. This not a coincidence that this show will be on a very special anniversary for me and my son Kyle, who is now in spirit. It was on December 30, 2011 when Kyle and I came home from the hospital after doctors had said he was not going to live and I had tried to commit suicide. Sheri wrote the book Lost and Found after her son Daniel transitioned from an overdose of alcohol and prescription drugs on July 1, 2008. Here again this is NOT a coincident, my son Kyle transitioned from complications from open heart surgery on July 1, 2014! Sheri's journey to spiritual awakening began at 16 years of age after suffering from Crohn’s Disease. At the time she did not believe in anything spiritual. She pursued only traditional western medicine. From blood transfusions she contracted the Hepatitis C virus; by the time she was 20 years old she was deathly ill from both illnesses, out of desperation she decided to contact a British Spiritual Healer. Overnight she began to get well, she was absolutely amazed. She was surprised and delighted! The complete story of her illness and healing is contained in her book HEALING from the INSIDE OUT and the OUTSIDE IN. As a result of this amazing recovery, she has devoted much of my life to the study of metaphysics, with an emphasis on spiritual healing and mediumship. In 1974 she began to study with Jane Roberts attending her weekly ESP classes where her communicating entity called Seth came through and spoke to the students. It was fascinating for her to witness this demonstration of life after death by this very prolific and entertaining spirit, who would tease them by saying, “Death speaks with a loud voice." As a young woman she came to understand that there is a very real realm of spirit where we each continue on, and that there is nothing to fear in death. Since the transition of her son Danny in 2008 her healing work has focused a great deal on bereavement and helping the bereaved to connect-up with their loved ones in spirit. Her book Lost and Found - A Mother Connects-Up With Her Son In Spirit was written to help others see how close spirit is to us and how we can cultivate a relationship with those we love who are now on the other side. Sheri also specializes in Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) mediumship; a term I had never heard of before I had my first mediumship reading on Kyle's birthday this past November 24th. EVP are sounds found on recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices that have been unintentionally recorded. This is exactly what happened when I had a reading with Suzanne Giesemann; you can hear Kyle's voice on the recording of the reading. Of the many hundred of readings that Suzanne has done, this was the first time this has happened during a reading with her. It blew us both away! To learn more about Sheri visit her website:

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