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Holofractal Universal Oneness with Tash @ Metasouls

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with Tash of Metasouls on Friday, June 2, 2017 at 7:00 PM EDT, explaining Holofractal Universal Oneness and the Prism of Quantum Consciousness. This show was pre-recorded. Click here to listen to the show. Metasouls: Exploring the inner stars of consciousness, discovering who we are. We are all “Metasouls”. Transcendental integration with soul consciousness is your spiritual birthright. Awaken the true you, live unconditionally free in your authenticity and watch the real magic of the Universe unfold through you. Tash was born into adoption in the Northwest U.S. and raised in a small Christian community that proved unfit for the heretical line of questions he grew up asking. At the age of 14 his parents divorced and he moved to the city, and through a synchronous discovery of a small new-age bookstore he found he wasn’t the only one questioning. At 18, Tash met and married his soul-mate, Candace, and together they’ve shared a 25-year journey into the magic of the metaphysical. Now systems engineer, noetic philosopher and spiritual speaker residing in Taipei Taiwan, Tash delivers an inspiring message that penetrates the mysteries of human consciousness evolution and leaves you questioning reality as you know it. Unpublished, Tash has extensive volumes of his own philosophies he calls “soul-speak” that have continually proved compatible with both eastern mysticism as well as the advances in quantum physics. Through his website Metasouls and his YouTube channel, Tash now openly shares these insights with other seekers, blending his soul-speak with leading-edge spirit science to help you open doors into your own self-discovery and personal spiritual awakening. To learn more visit Tash's website: and his YouTube Channel:

Holofractal Universal Oneness & the Prism of Quantum Consciousness

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