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The Way to Oneness with Margaret Rogers Van Coops

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with author Margaret Rogers Van Coops on Friday, October 13, 2017 at 7:00 PM EDT. This show has been pre-recorded, Click Here to listen to the show. Margaret Rogers Van Coops has been an ordained minister of the Universal Christ Church, of California since 1983. She is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Integrated Medicine who has practiced successfully in Spain, France, Switzerland, India, Egypt, Japan, England, Mexico and the United States of America. She has enjoyed her Honorary Membership with the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, and founder member of the British Astrological and Psychic Society, The American Board of Hypnotherapy, The International Hypnosis Federation, The American Counseling Association and is Director of Education of the Universal Christ Church. Margaret was among the co-founders of the International Psychic Forum and the American Metaphysical Society. Her dynamic lectures and workshops in Japan and the U.S. have led to regular invitations to speak and participate in international events, including the Whole Life Expos and BodyMindSpirit Expos in various American Cities and The Festivals for Mind, Body and Spirit in London and Los Angeles. She is the author of The Book of Crystal Acupuncture an Teragram Therapy Diagrams and eight other metaphysically oriented texts, including The Way to Oneness, Journey Into An Unknown World: The Way To Oneness Revisited, The Rejection Syndrome, 50 Spiritually Powerful Meditations, Expanding Images with the OmniCard, Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, Pro Spirit, Quantum Entanglement: A Paranormal Point Of View, TrinityStonesm Healing Therapy. She has authored two novels: Regenesis, and Henry’s Secrets. Her books have been published in Western and Eastern Europe as well as Russia, China, Mexico and India. Margaret is the creator and developer of Crystal Acupuncturesm Therapy, Spiritual Crystal Acupuncturesm Therapy, Beauty Crystal Acupuncturesm Therapy, TrinityStonesm Healing Therapy, Teragramsm Therapy and “Core” Teragramsm Therapy as well as Sensory Touch Therapysm . Margaret has written screenplays including The Regenesis Trilogy, Seeing Blind and The Survivor, and she is negotiating production of several reality TV series treatments. Margaret’s TV series, Psychic Chit Chat, has been aired weekly on many public access channels in the greater Los Angeles area and in her present home town of Lake Havasu City, AZ. The show features multiple topic metaphysical discussions with Margaret and her husband, Stephen Michael Van Coops, Ph.D. also a Metaphysician and collaborator on her works. Her life goal has always been to help the peoples of the world to find truth, inner peace, love and honor as well as to trust self in their ways of keeping harmony in mind, body and soul. Her lifelong dream has always been to build a Special University for training medical and non-medical people in the field of Alternative Health and wellbeing. Being a pioneer in her field, she has never given up on this dream. Currently she is extremely busy training therapist to become teachers of her works. Her next project is in development for affordable webinars for those seeking education on-line, which will lead to educational conferences and more. To read more about Margaret visit her website:

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