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Letter Sent to World Leaders

I just sent this letter to President Trump, President Obama, First Lady Obama, the United Nations, Prime Minister May, Queen Elizabeth II, Pope Francis, Senator Casey, Senator Toomey, and Congressman Cartwright. I will continue to send it to as many World Leaders as I can contact. (links to contact each above)

Dear President Trump,

I have a simple question for every World Leader worldwide. The question is: Why is there War when no one in the world wants War? Not one person in the over 7 billion people on earth would honestly say they "want War"! It is a very simple question and a very logical question that I am not sure anyone can answer; however I am asking you for your answer. Everyone on earth wants peace, freedom, prosperity, health and love. Everyone on earth would agree on this.

War has never in the history of time solved anything! War is something that no one wants but yet war still exists, for absolutely NO REASON! Everyone on earth knows that war does not solve anything. War itself is a crime against Humanity! Have we not evolved enough as a race of people, as the human race, as a species to see clearly this TRUTH?

I will be sending this question to my congressmen and senators of my state of Pennsylvania, the United Nations, Prime Minister of England, Queen of England, the Pope; as well as every World Leader I can contact. I earnestly want to know the answer to this very simple and very logical question from all the current world leaders.

(end of letter)

I encourage anyone who resonates with the simple TRUTH that War has no place in the 21st Century to ask this simple question to their state representatives and the leaders of their country as well.

Ask our world leaders "Why is there War when 7 Billion people want peace?"

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