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Teaching EVP with Sheri and Karyn

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with Dr. Sheri Perl Migdol and Karyn Jarvie on teaching anyone to do Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), as a way to communicate with their love ones in spirit. Airing on Friday, February 7, 2020 at 7:00 PM EST, this program was pre-recorded. Click here to listen on BlogTalk Radio. Or click here to watch on YouTube.

Sheri has developed a PowerPoint presentation to teach others how to do EVP using their computer. Karyn is assisting her with the technical side of showing others how to setup their computers for EVP. Sheri is located in New York City and Karyn is located in Australia. Isn’t today’s technology so wonderful that even those they are located on two opposite sides of the earth; they are both available to help anyone FREE of charge.

Both Sheri and Karyn has a child in spirit and they have continuous communication with them. They want to share this with others because this communication has brought them much peace of mind KNOWING their child is still with them.

For those of you who don’t fully understand what Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is, it is using electronics to make audible the messages from those in spirit.

Sheri also offers The Prayer Registry as a FREE service, which is dedicated to all parents who have children in spirit, regardless of age. This site registers the anniversary day of your child’s transition (passing). The members of this online community, the Prayer Team, have the opportunity to honor their child's legacy, connect with other bereaved parents, and participate in world-wide group prayer for every registered loved one on the anniversary day of their passing.

Karyn’s Email Address: Weekly Zoom Group Meetings

The EVP Line Video:

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