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Is The TRUTH Finally Getting Mainstream?

I knew from day one every word the mainstream News was saying about Covid were LIES! Now after 3 years, it is all coming out that is the case. Now it is being reported that Covid deaths that were reported in 2020 were exaggerated by up to 90%. In actuality, “so called” Covid deaths in 2020 were less than the average Flu season.

I have stated many times, the real-world data from Life Insurance Companies and Funeral Home Directors will show there was no increase in all-cause mortality in 2020. There was NO PANDEMIC and this is a FACT!

It is no secret that Big Pharma owns mainstream News! No secret at all! It is also no secret that our government is in bed with Big Pharma. The pharmaceutical industry has NEVER had public health as their concern. Their concern has always been making money.

The mainstream News is owned by Big Pharma and is a CIA Mind Control Program named Operation Mockingbird. This was uncovered in the late 1940’s with Senate hearings and is a proven FACT.

The past 3 years the government went on censoring Free Speech on TRUE information about Covid. This is now coming out with all the Twitter file dumps and even Facebook has admitted they were instructed to censor TRUE INFORMATION.

Is there anyone who used their own critical thinking skills, and did their own research on REAL science, and decided NOT to get the Covid shots, regretful today? NOT ONE PERSON REGRETS NOT GETTING THE SHOTS! However, there are many people who regret getting them. Many say they felt they had to get the shots for many reasons. However, everyone has to take responsibility for their own actions.

There was a tweet this week from Scott Adams that stated the people who did not get the shots are the WINNERS! However, it was never a competition. The people who decided NOT to become a Human Guinea Pig, tried very hard to warn family and friends not to take part in this global experiment. Much to no avail, we do not want to say, “We told you so!”. We want everyone to be Healthy and FREE!

There is NOTHING that would cause me to put my health at risk. Even Elon Musk stated he HAD to get the Covid shots. Are you kidding me? The richest man in the world felt like he had to do something he did not want to do. "My Health is my True Wealth!" No shot will compromise it.

Elon Musk just handed over Sovereignty of his own body because someone told him to. I will NEVER give over Sovereignty of my body. If you do not have Sovereignty over your own body, you are nothing more than cattle.

I discovered the work of Dr. David Martin in April 2020 and had him as a guest on my show. He has overwhelming evidence of these Crimes Against Humanity and the Global Genocide we are living through right now. Take a listen to this video clip.

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