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The True Translation of Scriptures in the Bible

I have known for a very long time that the Biblical scriptures were mistranslated, manipulated, and edited. Many books were intentionally removed from the Bible at the Council of Nicea in 325 C.E. The Bible was assembled during this famous Council when Emperor Constantine and church authorities purportedly banned problematic books that did not conform to their agenda for the people.

This is not new information; this should be common knowledge by now. So many different religions refer to the Bible as being the Word of God. How can this be the case when the scriptures are not in their truest form?

A few weeks ago, Jean Nolan for the Inspired YouTube channel launched a new series entitled The End of Religion As We Know It. He posted 3 videos in this series last week. The End of Religion As We Know It – Part 1The End of Religion As We Know It – Part 2, and The End of Religion As We Know It – Part 3.

In this series, Jean speaks about the book The Naked Bible by Mauro Biglino. Mauro is an expert translator who was at one time hired by the Vatican Publishers to make corrections to the Biblical text because his translation skills were so good. However, because he started to write about his work and the Vatican disagreed with his writings, they disassociated themselves from him.

I was so happy when I discovered that the Biblical text of the Old Testament had actually been translated correctly. Mauro translated 19 books of the Old Testament with Edizioni San Paolo. As a scholar in ancient languages, Mauro stood out in the eyes of the public since 2010 with his outstanding literal translation of the Bible, which he has expressed in a series of best-selling essays.

I just learned that there is an original literal translation of the Old Testament scriptures word for word. And it is proving that much of what has been taught in church is untrue. I have said for many years that if the original text of the Biblical scriptures was in a form I could read I would read it. It is a history book; it is not about God.

The Old Testament is about our history and the New Testament is an account of Jesus/Yeshua’s life written many years after his death. Therefore, the New Testament is not a first-hand account of Yeshua’s life. There is a very good book, Jesus My Autobiography, channeled by Tina Louise Spading. She has been my guest several times on Awake 2 Oneness Radio. Listen here to what she has to say about channeling this book.

Israel United in Christ (IUIC)

Recently, a friend tried to introduce me to a new religion. This religion is Israel United In Christ (IUIC). Much of their teaching is based on the Old Testament. Once they told me the premise of the teaching, I was not interested in this at all and was shocked that a religion like it existed. It is the exact opposite of the Universal Law of Oneness and Unconditional LOVE, by which I personally live my life.

This religion stated that the true Israelites were black people. IUIC is a Bible-based organization dedicated to gathering the “Lost Sheep of the House of Israel,” who are identified as Blacks, Hispanics, and Native American Indians today. They believe that they are the chosen ones, in essence, God’s Chosen people.

Like so many religions, the focus of this religion is on separation not uniting all human beings in Love, Peace, and Harmony regardless of race, culture, or beliefs. Religions in general go against the Universal Law of Oneness.

Religion vs Spirituality

I am not religious at all, and I have never been. I have respect for everyone’s religion; however, I feel that all religions are man-made and not of God and are not spiritual. Spirituality is of God and has no religion. Spirituality unites everyone in the Universal Law of Unconditional LOVE.

Take note of how many wars in history have begun in the name of religion. Even the atrocities that are happening today in the Middle East in the name of religion. This is as old as recorded history; the Globalists have always used religion to keep us divided and enslaved.

Much Talk About Religious Teaching

This past week I have been seeing this conversation everywhere. First, my friend told me about the teaching of IUIC. Then the series that Jean started on the Inspired YouTube channel, The End of Religion As We Know It. Then yesterday morning this inspirational video message was posted, Jesus Christ's Real Identity Will Blow Your Mind! Also, I found this Free Online Event being presented by the Shift Network, What Jesus Really Taught in His Native Aramaic.

I know with Humanity’s Great Awakening all the old systems that were created in the 3D Matrix will be coming to an end. The financial system, the educational system, the governmental system, the medical system, and the religious system. Anyone with eyes to see can see this is happening right now in front of our eyes.

This is a very good thing. The Truth must be revealed to the masses for all the world to see. This piece, the religious system collapsing will be the piece that pushes many people over the edge. When they finally learn that everything they have been taught from birth is based on lies and half-truths.

Part 1 | The End of Religion As We Know It

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