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Truth and Freedom: Conversation on Censorship Ep. 3

Truth and Freedom: Conversation on Censorship Episode 3. I am having a conversation with Ali Olshan about social media censorship. Airing on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, at 7:00 PM EDT. Watch on YouTube or listen on BlogTalk Radio.

I have been censored several times on YouTube and Facebook for reporting Facts and Truth that the mainstream News and media do not want the public to be aware of.

I was just censored recently on Facebook for posting Truth and I was telling my friend Ali about it. He told me he knows somethings about it, because he has worked for Google and Apple.

He understands how the algorithms work for censorship. Ali and I meet in a sharing group for Hawaiian IANDS. I invited him on for a conversation about Big Tech censorship.

Ali is a world Humanitarian and Healer. He is a refugee from Ukraine who found his roots in Africa which led to a greater Awakening in 2015. Since then, Ali has been serving the world in a way of helping children in Tanzania with water and education. Also, as being a facilitator at healing retreats, doing Human Design Astrology and African Animal Flow Yoga. Ali’s mission is to be a conduit of the Great Awaking and server of the world.

Ali’s mission is to help Tanzania’s schools and provide them with water and technology equipment, like computers. Therefore, every child is accounted for and receives proper accreditation and knowledge, because we are living in a digital world of computers and technology. He is there to make a change and impact the children, by keeping them connected to the world of information and education.

To learn more about Ali visit his website:

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