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I am a journalist and columnist for AMP, here are all my articles.

Op Ed Articles

 - The UK Government’s Big Tech Censorship Bill Passed

 - The States That Can Forcibly Quarantine Without Evidence of Illness

 - New Mexico Governor's Attack on the 2nd Amendment Failed

 - We Are Now on A Very High Timeline – We Are WINNING Big Time

 - Anniversary of 9/11 - One of the Biggest False Flag Attacks on Americans

 - Domestic Terrorism 2.0: Mass Population Behavior Modification Campaign

 - Plandemic 2.0 – Is the Mass Population Going to Fall for This Again?

 - COVID-19 Has Never Been Proven to Exist

 - UN’s Climate Change Narrative “Era of Global Boling Has Begun"

 - Government Censorship and Medical Boards Censoring Doctors

 - The Globalist Elites Have Declared War on Humanity

 - What Are the Globalists Up to Now?

 - Nazi Germany Could Not Have Happened If It Was Not for America

 - What Does the Rebranding of Twitter into X Really Mean for Americans?

 - Brand New Children’s Book Hit #1 In Three Categories – I’m Unvaccinated and That’s OK!

 - Federal Judge Blocks Biden Administration from Contacting Social Media Giants

 - What Is the Difference Between a Peaceful Protest and a Riot?

 - Anti-Vaxx Are Fully Informed and Have Common Sense

 - Why Are They Playing Games, No Debate Is Needed The Evidence Is Clear

 - Where Did the Ideology and Concept of Transgender

 - News Show Ratings Proves Humanity is Waking Up to Truth

 - The Best Thing That Could Happen Is There Is No Election in 2024

 - Apple Vision Pro Headset Augmented Reality and Neuralink Gets FDA Approval

 - Unity Within Diversity is Key to Humanity’s Great Awakening

 - South Africa High Court Action to Stop Pfizer Covid mRNA Shots

 - Missouri AG Leads Multi-State Lawsuit Against Biden

 - Attorney General Finally Launches an Investigation into the Crimes Against Humanity

 - Dr. Rashid Buttar Killed for Speaking the Truth

 - Many Have Heard of The Great Awakening, What Is It All About?

 - Winning In Courts All Over the Country for Medical Freedom

 - What Happened with the Climate Change Hoax Here?

 - Historic Case WON in Federal Court

 - Transgender Movement is All a Part of the “No-Gender” Agenda

 - The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

 - Document Dump! What The CDC Knew Before the Rollout 


 - Did you know that CO2 is the Gas of Life? 


 - AI and The World Economic Forum Transhumanism Agenda.


 - The 1986 Act Does NOT Fully Protect the Pharmaceutical Industry

 - The Lab Leak Theory Hits a Wall

 - Does the WHO Pandemic Treaty Differ from What Happened in March 2020?

 - Criminal Charges are Coming

 - It’s Time To Make A Brand NEW Way!

 - Brunson Brother’s Endless Pursuit for Justice

Column: The True Nature of Our Matrix

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