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My Bio & Journey of Awakening

Caroline Chang has been Producing and Hosting Awake 2 Oneness Radio for 8 years. She was inspired to create her podcast six months after her son Kyle transitioned to spirit. Caroline is also the Founder of The KYLE Foundation (Keep Your Light Expanding), and Co-Founder of Universal Oneness Alliance. Caroline is an Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Inspirational Mentor to many who have loved ones in spirit.

Caroline is also a journalist/columnist for American Media Periscope an alternative News network that focuses on sharing the Truth. She writes weekly current event Op Ed articles and has her own weekly column - The True Nature of Our Matrix: Bridging Science with Spirituality. You can see all of her AMP Journal articles here on this page. AMP Articles.

Caroline has given many talks, presentations, and been a guest speaker at many in person and online Conferences, podcasts, and Spiritual Centers. Caroline has written a chapter in the award-winning book We Touched Heaven, a collection of experiences that reach beyond the veil. Caroline has been featured in the documentary film Rinaldi, a documentary about Instrumental Trans Communication to the Other Side. This film has been awarded "Best Afterlife Research Film" in the 2022 Life Beyond Life film festival in Torino, Italy. 


Caroline’s work as a podcast host, inspirational speaker, author, and mentor to grieving parents, helps her to motivate and inspire others who are dealing with very difficult life situations. She is also in the process of writing her book; a touching true story of a mother’s triumph from the devastating transition of her only son; and sharing her journey to Awakening to the Truth of who we are as Sovereign Divine Beings of Light. Her book is filled with inspiration and encouragement of how she overcame life’s greatest challenges; as well as sharing spiritual lessons she has learned on her journey.

My Journey of Awakening


As a very small child, I always felt a strong inner connection to my Higher Self, then I would call it my intuition. I had many experiences of Déjà vu, and I felt like I was different than anyone in my family. I had no one I felt I could open up to and really express my feelings to. Instinctively I knew to always follow my inner guidance, which was not always accepted or appreciated by my family.

I first learned about metaphysical studies in the late 70’s, when I was a teenager and I was asked by a friend to read the book “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  At that time I really didn’t think too much of the concept that you could create your own reality with your thoughts.  Then when I was older in the late 80’s, I became more interested in metaphysical and spiritual studies and read many books on those topics.  The material I was studying was very intriguing, but hard for me to grasp the new concepts and ideas being presented.


In the summer of 2007 when the film “The Secret” came out I ordered the DVD right away and was disappointed after watching it.  NOT because I didn’t agree or believe in what the film was presenting; but because it was not a “Secret”.  Everything presented in that film I had learned many years earlier, there was no new material, no new information I was hoping would make everything clear and understandable.

Then I discovered the film “What the Bleep” in October 2007.  I also ordered it and was amazed after watching the entire film including the extended version “Down the Rabbit Hole”.  I was shocked that science was actually proving the metaphysical and spiritual principles I had studied could be proven scientifically!  I did not need scientific proof for things to resonate with me as true; it just came to me as a big surprise to learn that science and spirituality were actually telling us the same thing!


While watching “What the Bleep” the moment that really “Woke me up” was when I heard Lynne McTaggart say in her interview “The biggest problem with the world is the ILLUSION of Separateness”.  Everything made perfect sense to me once I understood this! Not just understood this on an intellectual level, but when it resonated as TRUE within my heart and soul.

Then finally on August 9, 2010, I was at a very low point emotionally and wanted help, so I did a search on the "Law of Attraction" and discovered the teachings of Abraham Hicks.  From that day onward I began studying daily and finally started to apply the principles that resonated as true for me to my daily life. 


I began to mediate daily, keep an appreciation journal, monitoring my thoughts, words and conversations; trying my best to keep all positive. I was focus on monitoring my emotional state of being every waking moment. Understanding the importance of my emotional state of being in relationship to my overall well being.  I discovered many more spiritual, metaphysical and quantum physics authors, speakers and teachers; discovering experts in the scientific and spiritual realms.


Of course some days were better than others “staying the course” was not always easy, however my understanding grew.  The hardest lesson for me to learn was that no matter how bad things appear, no matter how dark things may seem, no matter the difficulty and struggle you are in the midst of, you are always Loved and Protected and it is truly ALL GOOD ALL THE TIME.  I make this statement after going through the midst of every parent’s worst nightmare; not just once but two times.


My son Kyle was born with a minor birth defect that many children are born with. He was born with a hole in his heart and the doctors were not concerned about it at all. They said it would close up on its own by the time he was one year old. Kyle was a very active and healthy child and even played football in high school. When he was 26 years old he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  The hole did not close and at some point his heart got infected and very weak.


About 8 months after Kyle was diagnosed with CHF he was hospitalized with pneumonia and on life support because his heart was so weak.  He did not seem to be getting better and I was told he was not going to make it and I was asked to allow the doctors to take him off the ventilator. I refused to allow the doctors to take him off life support, but I also could not bare to see my only son die.


I was beside myself with the agonizing thought of losing my son and I was all alone. I had been living in the hospital, sleeping in his ICU room for weeks.  My only thought was this was just too much for me to handle and I needed to escape this life experience. I left his bedside in his ICU room and went upstairs to a nice quiet waiting room. I wrote out a suicide note stating that I was not going to bury my son, my son was going to bury me and I took a bottle of over the counter sleeping pills.


I experience a true “Miracle on 34th Street” that Christmas of December 2011.  Literally the hospital is located on the corner of Spruce and 34th Street. It was December 7th when doctors told me my son was not going to live. On December 14th, even in a semi-sedated state my son pulled the ventilator out and the feeding tube out, taking himself off life support and the doctors were astonished he was breathing well on his own!  One doctor literally told me on December 16th “He is doing so well now it’s like he was never even sick!” (from the pneumonia)



Here I am with my son Kyle R. Chang.  I'm dedicating The KYLE Foundation in his memory.


Kyle and I both went home from the hospital on December 30, 2011 and celebrated ringing in the New Year together. After experiencing a miracle such as this I could never and will never allow myself to go back to a place of trying to escape my life.


So when Kyle was hospitalized again in April 2014 because his heart was too weak and he needed a heart transplant. I had only a heart of gratitude! I was thankful for the additional 3 years I had with my son. Kyle did not get the heart transplant he needed and he made his transition from this life experience on July 1, 2014.


In dedication of my son’s memory, Kyle Ronald Chang, I am starting a nonprofit foundation, The KYLE Foundation (Keep Your Light Expanding).  The mission of The KYLE Foundation is to inspire the world to awaken to the Universal Truth of Oneness and will fund The KYLE Center.


My heart is so filled with Love and Gratitude for everyone.  Thank you for allowing me to share my journey and story here with you.  My vision with Awake 2 Oneness Radio and The KYLE Foundation is to help inspire others as I’ve been inspired. Keep Your Light Expanding!


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