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Global Oneness Day 2014 -The Shape Of Us

Global Oneness Day 2014 -The Shape Of Us

I created this video in honor of Global Oneness Day 2014, October 24th. The song is "The Shape Of Us" by Ian Britt.

Humanity’s Team and the Association for Global New Thought presents the 5th annual Global Oneness Day on October 24th, 2014. Join over 50,000 from around the world and over 50 speakers in this Virtual Event exploring the profound realization that we are all ONE!!!! Don't miss this year's essential heart-opening conversations with over 50 Inspiring Oneness speakers LIVE in over a dozen Online Events!

Global Oneness Day was created to recognize and celebrate the fundamental interconnection of all people and all of life. It is an opportunity to join thousands of participants in the exploration not only of the idea of Oneness, but ways in which this thinking can and is being applied “on the ground” so that our global society and culture increasingly reflect it.

Global Oneness Day brings together dozens of passionate speakers whose commitment and insight into Oneness have inspired millions. But as inspiring and important as these conversations are, Global Oneness Day is not only about the sharing of ideas and insights. It offers an opportunity for thousands of us who care deeply about our world to be together in solidarity and experience a shared consciousness as One.

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