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Last night was my 3rd show in the series “Suicide from a Spiritual Perspective” with guest author Rev. Anne Puryear, author of the wonderful book “Stephen Lives!” I am so thankful and so honored to have Robert Schwartz, Barbara Brodsky and Anne Puryear as my guests for this series.

On the 1st show with Rob, I explained in detail why I chose the topic of suicide to be the first topic for launching my show, because of my personal experience with the topic. In December 2011 when doctors told me my son Kyle was not going to make it, I tried to take my own life. I experienced a true Miracle that Christmas 2011; I call it a “Miracle on 34th Street” because the hospital was located on 34th street.

I do believe that Kyle and I had a soul agreement to experience what we experienced together as mother and son. I do believe we made this agreement before my birth. It was this KNOWING that got me through this past summer when Kyle did make his transition from this life on July 1, 2014. I know Kyle is still with me even though I can’t see him or touch him, he is still communicating with me as I told Anne last night on the show. Anne communicates with her son Stephen and she also knows this was a soul agreement they had, as she calls it a “soul contract”.

The message in all 3 shows is that there is a "bigger picture" here to consider when we are dealing with the loss of a love one regardless of how they die. I actually said that to the doctors and nurses while Kyle was on life support this past summer. I know the medical professionals were doing all they could do to save Kyle’s life, but I knew in my heart and soul it was not up to them, it was up to Kyle’s soul, Kyle’s higher self was in control. When I refer to Kyle’s soul or higher self, I am not taking God out of the picture because that is God! Our soul is a part of God and can never be separated from God; our soul wants for us what God wants for us.

My hope is that the shows have been inspiring, encouraging and uplifting. Letting us know that there truly is no death, there is only Eternal Life and we can still communicate with our love ones when we are still and listen!

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