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Nothing is Painful When You KNOW it is Not REAL

Remember who you are! You are not just merely a body; you are a 3 part being made of mind, body and soul. Your soul being a much larger part of the self and it has much greater wisdom and vision than your human mind. God is all there IS! You are a part of God and you can never be separated from God; you can never be separated from All That IS! Because we are all a part of the ONE we are all a part of each other. That is why it is so true that what you do to another you literally are doing to yourself. Nothing can happen to a soul that is against that soul’s will, because the soul is the creator of the experience. Your soul’s will and God’s will for you are the same. Therefore nothing happens that is against God’s will. Your life experience is just an illusion, a 3D holographic movie of your own creation. You are not the illusion/movie; you are the creator of it. You are in this world but not of this world. When you think that the illusion is “Real” that is what causes you pain; when you become too attached to the illusion you lose sight of who you really are and your connection to God. Life is ETERNAL! There is no such thing as death; there is only changing from one form to another form. Death truly does not exist. The soul wants nothing, the soul has everything. The soul changes form gladly; the soul chooses when to come into body and chooses when to leave the body. The whole concept of right or wrong comes from the illusion of separateness. When you have a true understanding of the Universal Truth of Oneness; that we are each unique expressions of the One and no other is separate from you, you will see there is no right or wrong, there is only cause and effect. You will see the other as another aspect of you and not feel the need to judge the other when you see yourself in that other person.

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