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A Link Between the Scientific “Brainwave Studies” and Conversations with God Book 3

While I was listening to the audio book of Conversations with God book 3, towards the end of the book there is information that explains the “Brainwave Studies” performed by Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and The HeartMath Institute. I recently had Howard Martin as a guest on my show Awake 2 Oneness Radio and he went into detailed conversation about the “Brainwave Study”. In the conversation Howard mentioned that the studies show that the heart can detect a random image about 6 seconds before the image is actually shown to the person. This was indicating that the heart might be seeing into the future. However, from the Conversation with God book 3 information, it indicates that the heart is just detecting the Present Now moment, and it takes time to translate the Present Now moment to the eyes/brain. Here in the information from Conversation with God book 3: (pages 359-360) “You are always seeing what by your terms you would define as the “past,” even when you are looking at what is right in front of you. It is impossible to see The Present. The Present “happens,” then turns into a burst of light, formed by energy dispersing, and that light reaches your receptors, your eyes, and it takes time for it to do that. All the while that light is reaching you, life is going on, moving forward. The next event is happening while the light from the last event is reaching you. The energy burst reaches your eyes, your receptors send that signal to your brain, which interprets the data and tells you what you are seeing. Yet that is not what is now in front of you at all. It is what you think you are seeing. That is, you are thinking about what you have seen, telling yourself what it is, and deciding what you are going to call it, while what is happening “now” is preceding your process, and awaiting it. To put this simply, I am [God] always one step ahead of you." That is amazing! So it is not that the heart is seeing the future event, the heart is experiencing the true “Now” moment and it takes a few seconds for your eyes to see the image that the heart has already experienced. All of the scientific studies support this information found in Conversation with God book 3. So in essence the human body is not capable of seeing the Present, the true Now moment, it is always seeing what we would call the Past. Wow this is very fascinating and interesting stuff comparing spirituality and science!

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