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Awakening Day - July 12th 2015

Happy Awakening Day!

The author of the “Conversations with God” book series Neale Donald Walsch has started a spiritual activist movement entitled Evolution Revolution which has named the 12th of every month Awakening Day.

I have read “Conversations with God” book 1, book 2, book 3 and halfway through “Home with God” the ninth book in the series. All of the books speak of Ultimate Reality, which is far more complex than our limited perspective human minds can imagine. Here is a quote from “Home with God”: “You experience a three-dimensional world, but you do not live in one. Ultimate Reality is far more complex than you may ever have imagined.”

For me Awakening is about remembering the TRUTH of who you are; remembering Ultimate Reality. Remembering that you are a unique Divine spark of GOD, which you are always connected to God and can NEVER be separated. Remembering that you are creating your own life experience with your thoughts, words and deeds and that life experience is not Ultimate Reality, it is just an experience that your soul is creating for your highest good.

In every Golden Moment of NOW is when you are creating your next moment of NOW. All possibilities exist NOW and you are choosing with each moment what possibility you will experience. That is why it is important to keep your vibration high so you will experience a possibility aligning with your highest desires. This is what people now call the “Law of Attraction” and it is all very scientific; everything is vibration and like vibrations resonate with one another.

This Awakening Day I would like to encourage everyone to look Within for their truth and live each moment in that TRUTH. Speak your truth kindly and lovingly, live your truth boldly always keeping in mind that the other is a part of you and a part of God, WE ARE ALL ONE!

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