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The Most Important Thing is to Follow Your Own Internal EGS (Emotional Guidance System)

I recently posted a video by Abraham Hicks about the importance of being in alignment with your Higher Self.

Well let me share with you the key to knowing if you are in alignment, that is following your own internal Emotional Guidance System (EGS). Your emotions are your direct link to your soul, higher self, to God.

Your emotions will let you know if you are in alignment with Truth and your purpose for being here.

When you are out of alignment you feel sad, depressed, confused, sick or any emotion you associate with not feeling good. When you are in alignment you feel happy, joyous, peaceful, loving or any emotion you associate with feeling good.

Tina Louise Spalding was recently a guest on Awake 2 Oneness Radio, she is a channel for Ananda and Jesus. For a better understanding of your internal EGS watch this four part video playlist of her channeling Jesus:

Part One of Four:

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