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SPEAK UP for REAL HOPE with “World Peace Clown” Susan Carew

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with “Peace Clown” Susan Carew live on Friday July 8, 2016 at 7:00 PM EDT. Susan will be connecting with us Live from Australia! Click here to listen to the show. (Due to unforeseen circumstances, Susan was not able to make this show.)

Susan is a professional Clown and public speaker and has published a series of e-books “Awaken the Fool”. The e-books have been extracted from “A Fool for Peace Manuscript” which traces her journey. The purpose of is to educate the world community in positive conflict transformation and to catalyze a vision of living to our highest potential. combines humor, values based peace, nonviolence and anti-bullying education, the resolution of conflict and discovering our true nature is sustainability. playfully Awaken the Fool to SPEAK UP for REAL HOPE for the children of the world. introduces REAL HOPE and wellbeing to facilitate harmony and happiness in schools, business, community organizations around the world as a first step in developing a natural way of being and seeing our World to co-create a World filled with Peace. REAL HOPES is the first integrated universal values based model that catalyses universal values within experiential programs that children and adults can understand and integrate. When peace and harmony is the goal, then integrating a Culture of Peace in pro-social behaviors and lifestyles reinforced at schools will ripple out to the home and the broader community and vice versa. Children and adults typically react to conflict and/or bullying rather than learning to C (see) first moving from Reacting to Creating proactively the solutions they require to tackle bullying in the home, the school, the workplace and the world. They learn to take personal responsibility for thoughts, words and actions rather than feeling powerless. This is the beginning of empowerment. educational and facilitative programs develop and catalyze emotional intelligence and peaceful attitudes and behaviors. Most importantly the programs are fun and designed to unlock happiness, a sense of self discovery and awareness. To learn more about the wonderful work Susan is doing visit her website:

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