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SPEAK UP 4 Oneness: From Abuse to Oneness

SPEAK UP 4 Oneness from Australia presents an interview with host Susan Carew and Margie Joy on Awake 2 Oneness Radio Saturday, November 19 at 7:00 PM EST. Margie is an effective healer and teacher reconnecting participants to their life purpose. Click here to listen to the show. Margie Joy has travelled a path realizing her own emotional suppression and powerlessness through childhood issues that developed into domestic violence. She speaks about her journey from learning to not following her own inner knowing to experiencing the psychological violence of abuse in an unhealthy marriage and the abduction of her son. She speaks about the importance of transformation of the way we see abuse and realizing that the abuser is a mirror of what is not healed within. She invites us to enter the mystic’s journey which emerges out of collapse and illness to learning aloneness to piecing her life back together through healing. Margie has been a teacher, trainer and healer and is beginning to learn with her guide Ranjet. She has discovered that she must honor her own soul, her own purpose and share from the heart what she has learned from her phoenix experience to a life of constant joy. She speaks of finding her twin flame. She envisages a future healing centre and assisting people with cancer and mentions that when we come from love and oneness we affect our soul group and is the most important work on the planet that is unpaid. The motivation is to heal for the love of others and ourselves. She is living in New South Wales in Australia and is guided to heal humanity and bring them back to loving themselves, reclaiming their power and living in joy which is every soul’s purpose. Susan Carew is a World Peace Clown, inspirational speaker and author of an e-book series Awaken the Fool. She has been a guest here on Awake 2 Oneness Radio two times, WorldPeacefull Introduces REAL HOPE and SPEAK UP for REAL HOPE. Susan will be the host of SPEAK UP 4 Oneness from Australia, which will air here monthly.

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