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Living the Truth of Oneness Q & A

Awake 2 Oneness Radio Live with David "Dov" Fishman on Friday, March 31, 2017 at 7:00 PM EDT. My former co-host of The Truth of Oneness Within on Awakening Together Radio, David has been teaching A Course in Miracles for over 30 years. We invite listeners to call in with any questions.

Click here to listen to the show. David and I met over a year ago on Facebook and after one phone conversation he invited me to co-host a program on Awakening Together Radio with him; we named the program The Truth of Oneness Within. We were co-host for almost a year and became very close friends. We are very much in alignment with the Truth of Oneness even though I have never studied ACIM; he said I sound like I am a student of the Course. My awakening to the truth of Oneness was inspired by watching a film on quantum physics in 2007, the documentary What the Bleep. David's inspiration to the truth of Oneness was inspired over 30 years ago when he studied ACIM. As I have said many times on my show, the inspiration to this truth can come from many different sources in many different ways. However, once you KNOW this truth from deep within your soul and heart, it will change how you live your life forever. David and I are both aware that many people speak of Oneness these days, but how many of them are actually Living the truth of Oneness. This is not a judgment on anyone , it is just an observation. An observation is not a judgment when you place no thoughts of "right or wrong" or "good or bad" on them. When you are living the truth of Oneness you can observe what is going on around you with no judgment. We are living in very interesting times, where things are changing very quickly. We are all facing many challenges and how we respond and deal with those challenges is a true test of if a person is truly living the truth of Oneness. Please join David and I for this thought provoking conversations. We will be taking questions from callers live. David has used the principles of ACIM and spiritual psychology as a basis for relationship counseling. He is also the author of "The Open Mind, Loving Yours Self" and "Into Oneness: Thoughts & Prayers on the Way". He is fully committed to supporting ACIM students and teachers, meeting them where they are. David is Co-founder of One Mind Foundation and sponsor of ACIM Gather, a worldwide portal for developing trust in our True self and creator of Open Minds for ACIM & NTI on Facebook, a forum for its members to share blessings and inspirations. ACIM - Take Your Place Among the Teachers of God

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