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Gathering of Love with Mary Cook Nadler

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with modern day mystic Mary Cook Nadler live on Friday, May 5, 2017 at 7:00 PM EDT. Click here to listen to the show Live! Mary is a modern day mystic and she is tremendously grateful for her connection with the Kriya Yoga Master's Lineage. As a result of her friendship, love and connection with her mentor Robert Raymer, known affectionately as Baba, who was a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda. In 1994 Master Paramahansa Yogananda appeared standing in front of her, with Mahavatar Babaji floating in the background. In that moment a bolt of lightning came from above, struck her and awakened the kundalini shakti in her body. A shift in consciousness took place that created an indescribable love and devotion for God. For two years after her awakening, she stayed in her home in the country alone and allowed the unfolding of what was a remarkable experience. So many gifts and abilities miraculously emerged from the depths of her being. Great Masters visited her and with their grace she was taught many things. Her past was revealed to her and everything made sense to her. During this period her body would literally lift off the ground and, somewhat jokingly, she contemplated putting rocks in my pockets to keep her from floating upward. Her consciousness shifted from limited body consciousness with all the goodies of an ego personality, to Soul consciousness, then to Self-Realization to God-Realization. Out of this awakening a deep and abiding awareness of pure consciousness, pure love, evolved. Now as a modern day Mystic she shares the blessings she received, and her greatest blessing is to awaken others into Higher Consciousness. "To realize God is the highest purpose there is. God is Love, God is Peace, God is Happiness, God is Light, God is Beauty. God is formless and God is in form. You are the presence of God unrealized. Awaken and know yourself as the presence of God." To learn more about Mary visit her website:

Introduction to Mary Cook Nadler

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