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Revere, Relish and Contribute with Leslie Fieger

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with Leslie Fieger on Friday, June 9, 2017 at 7:00 PM EDT. Leslie is an author, entrepreneur, and international speaker. This show was pre-recorded. Click here to listen to the show. Or you can Click here to watch on YouTube. Leslie has several published books, articles and blog posts and is both honored and humbled that people from all around the world have found value in what he has written. He is has an entrepreneurial spirit; over the course of his life, he has started several businesses. Some were successful; others were not. The businesses he created have produced over $100 million. Most people know him for the global success of DELFIN International. For fifteen years, he lived on three different islands in the Caribbean where he practiced the art of being a "beach bum". The four years he spent in the Mexican prison system taught him many valuable things and gave him an enhanced love of freedom. He speaks about self-actualization, the creation of success and living a meaningful and purposeful life to audiences all around the world. He decided many years ago that the purpose of his life was “to revere, to relish and to contribute.” By revere, he means recognizing and honoring the sacredness of all things, including himself and others. Therefore everything that exists is worthy of being honored, respected and even revered. By relish, he means fully enjoying all the pleasures, experiences and challenges that life has to offer. He believes that life is a gift, and gifts need to be enjoyed in order to honor the giver. If everything, including our lives are sacred, then relishing the experience of life is honoring the sacredness of all creation. By contribute, he means that each of us are capable of being a gift to our fellow humans. We can make a difference by how we are, by what we do, by what we say, by what we create as we travel this journey through life. That is why he also said that the purpose of his life is to empower, enlighten and enrich the lives of others. Therefore his life has more meaning and value when he contribute to your success; or in some other way, add value to your life. You can learn more at his website:

Prosperity Paradigm Formula

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