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Accessing Personal Spirit Guides with Saryon Michael White

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with Channel and Intuitive Consultant Saryon Michael White on Friday, December 1, 2017 at 7:00 PM EST. This show has been pre-recorded. Click here to listen to the show. For more than 20 years Saryon has been exploring out-of-body and keeping his finger on the pulse of humanity’s awakening from an angel’s eye view. When he first began writing publicly in 2002 it was to deliver a series of messages from the Angels of Peace who inspired him to broadcast globally a single message to the world: "CHOOSE PEACE NOW!" Saryon was further involved with helping to anchor this message of Peace through a series of conferences for the proposed U.S. Department of Peace and in 2007 he traveled to Iran as a civilian diplomat with a friendship delegation organized by the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Of great interest to him are the fragile peace potentials in the Middle East and elsewhere that are steadily gaining momentum towards an effect of global transformation. His life is dedicated to nurturing these peace potentials to fruition. In 2005 a council of Ascended Masters appeared in his meditation and asked him to start offering readings to people and they immediately began connecting him with people that felt drawn to receive the wisdom and energy that they have continually placed in his heart. He is honored to serve in this way and to help bring people closer to their guides and to realize more of their potential. After years of careful training and devotion to spiritual practice, the Masters commissioned a new and growing body of work through him as part of their SCHOOL OF MANIFESTATION on the inner planes. This is one of their many educational projects to uplift humanity and help bring us into a new paradigm of peace on Earth. Currently, the School consists of a series of tele-courses that are available on the School of Manifestation website. Along with a growing library of videos, his public writings and courses are helping prepare the way for much that is on the way. He remain passionate about demonstrating peace and unconditional giving in the world. The time has come to share, network, and build an audience for the books he has been writing and channeling behind the scenes. Currently, he is preparing to release his first novel: Roya Sands and the Living Library. Please considering joining his launch team for the launch of this book on December 10, 2017! To learn more Saryon visit his website:

Metatron's Embrace

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