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Unity in Diversity

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with host Caroline Chang on "Unity in Diversity" airing on Friday, January 12, 2018 at 7:00 PM EST. This show was prerecorded. Click here to listen to the show. Happy New Year 2018! I want to share this show with my listeners and followers on my birthday. I have been hosting Awake 2 Oneness Radio for almost three years and I Love it! This show will be my first solo show with me sharing my heart with the listeners/viewers. I am stepping out of my comfort zone and doing my first show without a guest. I'll be speaking about "Unity in Diversity", which is at the core understanding of Oneness. Oneness does not mean we are colons of one another or that we are the same in anyway. We are all unique aspects of the Divine and we should honor and respect each other's uniqueness. It would be a very boring life if we were all identical. I also go through the list of My Divine Truths that are listed on my website. I have always stated that I am not a teacher or Guru, I am just sharing my journey and what resonates as True for me. And I encourage others to seek what resonates as true for them within and live that truth. Accepting, loving and honoring everyone for exactly who they are is what Oneness is all about. It is UNCONDITIONAL Love! I hope you enjoy my first solo show. Thank you all for your love and encouragement! MY Divine Truths - Nothing exist but God, God is all there IS! - No one is separate from God, no one is separate from you, you and God are ONE! You can never be separated from God, you can never be separated from another person, WE ARE ALL ONE AND ALL APART OF GOD. - You are the creator of your own Holographic Reality with your thoughts, words, emotions and actions. This Reality is just an illusion it is NOT REAL, a movie of your own soul's creation! - Nothing is Painful that you KNOW is not real! Nothing is Painful when you understand nothing in this reality is REAL! - There is no such thing as Death! There is only Eternal Life! There is nothing to fear! - There is only Eternal Life, and Life is forever changing form. - In truth there is only LOVE; Love is the only thing that is REAL! -This Life is an experience our soul has chosen to have and nothing happens to us without our soul's agreement or permission, we literally create everything that happens to us. -Time is an Illusion, there is only the here and NOW. All possibilities exist in the here and now, you are creating your reality in each NOW moment. These are MY Divine Truths and I choose to live my life with this KNOWING! I am not asking anyone else to believe as I do! I invite each person to "Go Within" and discover their own Divine Truths and live accordingly. TRUTH can only be found within your own soul and it lies within each of us. I should have shared more of My Journey to Awakening in this show. Here is an interview I did for Awakening Together Radio were I explain my journey in detail.

Awakening Together Radio - June 4, 2016

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