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Raising The Planet's Frequency with Landria Onkka

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with Award Winning and Best Selling Author, Landria Onkka on Friday, October 12, 2018 at 7:00 PM EDT. This show was pre-recorded. Click here to listen to th show. Landria is the author of "The Rooftop Christmas Tree” which became a television movie shown worldwide, and the sequel “A Bell for Christmas” won Grand Prize at the Hollywood Book Fest, and “Wooden Mistletoe” 2017 Release. Landria is also a Spiritual Guide and Internet Entrepreneur. How did she go from Investment Banking to Professional Writer to Internet Entrepreneur to Spiritual Mentor? Because she knew she could! She go where life takes her when it feels ‘right.’ She follows her passion; and she has worked on some notable projects from television series, to movies, Broadway plays, and touring events. What she thinks and believes drives her and we all can do the same. She is often asked how she manages to live such an exciting life and her answer is that she “Just Does It!” Anyone can live an exciting, satisfying life. She doesn't over-think things and even when she is petrified, she plunges into fearful situations regardless. She has an understanding with “Fear”; she doesn't run from it she dives right into it not allowing it to control her actions. Her core belief is that somewhere deep down she knows that she can achieve whatever her mind can conceive. And everyone has this ability, everyone can achieve their dreams. It is never too late to change your life, to shake up things and go after your dreams. There are no excuses; not age, or education, or money, or your bad breaks as a kid. Only you decide how your life story plays out. "Joy, passion, abundance and peace is not reserved for a few. It exists for everyone! It exists for YOU! Isn’t it time to go after that life? Isn’t it time to change that last breath scenario that is in your future, from “Why didn’t I?” to “Damn! I did it!” My mission is to open doors to positive change for everyone willing to listen, learn, and most of all take action. Yes, it will take a total mind shift, effort and most of all daily maintenance. Isn’t it worth it? You get to decide. I hope you choose happiness!" To learn more about Landria visit her website here:

Manifest Using the Energy of the Universe:

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