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How Do You Honor Your Love Ones in Spirit?

It is Memorial Day weekend and I really had no plans for the weekend this year. The weather was perfect for planting flowers so I spent the afternoon yesterday at Pine Grove Cemetery planting flowers at Kyle's memorial stone. I had such a wonderful afternoon filled with joy KNOWING Kyle was right there with me. I KNOW Kyle is with me all the time not just when I go to the cemetery; and whenever I go I am never sadden, I am always filled with Joy.

I recently started producing shows with Xpnsion Network and on our show today Expansion Sunday, Kasey, Brad & Julius spoke about how we as a collective consciousness celebrate holidays like Memorial Day and Veterans Day. This topic touched my heart so much for many reasons. My son Kyle transitioned on July 1, 2014, therefore I always have a Celebration of Life for him on the 4th of July weekend; another holiday which is connected with war and honoring those in the military.

Each year as I host Kyle's Celebration of Life, I sense that people I know do not share the high vibrational energetic way I celebrate Kyle's transition. I sense they think it's a day I should be really sad and not want to celebrate at all. Kyle's birthday and transition day both fall on national holidays. Kyle was a Thanksgiving baby born on November 24th and he transitioned on July 1st. I celebrate both days with the same energy of Love and Joy! I think we as a collective humanity should celebrate new life "birth" and a soul's transition, which some call "death" with the same high vibrational energy.

I do understand that we are each Divine Souls on our own unique soul's journey and we each will awaken in perfect Divine timing. Therefore if you are focused in perceiving only from the limited human perspective and you are not at a place of understanding this spiritual perspective it is alright. We are each at the perfect place in our soul's journey and there is NEVER a judgment to where you are in your awakening.

I MUST share this wonderful program of Expansion Sunday with everyone. Have a wonderful and Joyous Memorial Day!

Memorial Day Weekend Celebration

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