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That Oneness Guy with Danny Rongo

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with singer/songwriter, musician, author, playwright and podcaster Danny Rongo on Friday, July 12, 2019 at 7:00 PM EDT. This program was pre-recorded. Click here to listen to the show. Or click here to watch the show on YouTube. "ACTIVIST"one who is politically active in the role of a citizen; especially, one who campaigns for change; one who is conspicuously more active in carrying out any occupational or professional functions. Danny posted this specific definition of the word "activist" simply because of the many that there are, this is the one that he personally relates to. He believes that we all come to a time and place in our lives where it’s no longer ‘just about us’. It might be earlier in life for some, or it may not present itself to you until your twilight years. Either way, he feel safe to say that you will one day come to a knowing, or a ‘shift’ as Dr. Wayne Dyer calls it through intuitive feelings that will push you in a direction of service, and helping others. When this does happen you will notice yourself taking a more personal approach towards causes, events and situations that matter to you. Whereas in the past you might have been satisfied with making a donation, now you feel an inherent need to physically and literally take part. For Danny, he don’t recall a specific event, but he does recall the intuitive feelings pushing him towards causes that for one reason or another he felt attached to. When he looks back he can see how his life took shape and how through his own spirituality he was led to helping others. Danny knew that because of the music within him he was presented with an opportunity to use his talent in ways to help people, so that was his foundation. He's not saying that a person has to be an artist, it’s quite the contrary. We all have a "voice", and our voice coupled with our desire to help is all we need. For when you get to this point in your life, you won’t even care what your occupation is because it won’t matter. What you’ll be trying to accomplish is using your voice and efforts to help a cause, and those efforts can come from an executive to a laborer, it makes no difference. Danny's song were mainly focus around the theme of Oneness and when he lost his job and then his mother transition he began to focus more on living his life from the passion of Oneness within him. As he continues on his journey of Oneness and on the heels of his musical to inspire Oneness, he open his heart and wrote and published “I Am God” (And so are you my friend). Also click here to check out his music and podcast "That Oneness Guy". To learn more about Danny visit his website:

'I Am God' (and So Are You My Friend) A Common Man's Guide to Oneness


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