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Linking to the Spirit World with Jane Seybold

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with Evidential Medium Jane Seybold on Friday, November 8, 2019 at 7:00 PM EST. This program was pre-recorded. Click here to listen to the show on BlogTalk Radio. Or click here to watch the show on YouTube.

As a child Jane would know or sense things about people. She knew she was different but by age seven she had the most memorable communication with the Spirit World that would help mold her into who she is today.

For a long time, she didn't understand her abilities and there weren't the resources that there are today. Over time, she learned how to control and develop her abilities which has given her tremendous insight on helping others to identify and teach them how to work with their abilities with confidence.

Jane is an Evidential Medium, Psychic & Energy Healer who helps people from all walks of life who are seeking insight into their lives and looking for practical tools and guidance. She helps her clients transform their life's problems, struggles and even tragedy to live a more fulfilled life.

We are energy beings. In a psychic reading she will "tune in" and tell you what she is picking up energetically. Reading deal with life’s issues whether it’s relationships, career, health, finances, spiritual growth or gaining clarity on the direction in life. Jane look to see what has taken place in the past, what is currently going on, and what will likely manifest in the near future.

Energy clearing and balancing stimulates the energy flow in and around the body to restore balance on all levels which supports the body's natural ability to heal. It clears the blocks and interference that can hold one back by restoring the energy flow. It promotes the harmonizing process that aids in repairing and balancing the energy body.

Jane explores the invisible that affects the physical because often it's overlooked. Her goal is to create a union between the Body, Mind and Spirit to aid the body's natural ability to heal.

To learn more about Jane visit her website:

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