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Kyle is Still Right Here with Me

My son Kyle transitioned from this earthly plane on July 1, 2014, and at the time of his transition I knew he was not leaving me. I knew he was only leaving his body, his “space suit” for moving around in this earthly dimension. I knew he is an Eternal Divine Soul and his Higher Self, his soul was ready to leave this dimension in Perfect Divine Timing. Because all things happen in Perfect Divine Timing always.

Also, I knew at the time of his transition that this was a “Soul Plan” he and I had made long before we incarnated here on earth. I knew I wanted to have a reading with a creditable medium, however, I was not going to go looking for one. I had put in my mind that the right medium would find me.

Six months after Kyle’s transition I received the inspiration to launch my radio show Awake 2 Oneness Radio. I knew I would have guests on my show that inspired me. I had no idea that I would also be having mediums and channels as my guests. I discovered “Messages from Saul”, which were so inspirational, I reached out to channel John Smallman to be a guest on my show. He told me about Suzanne Giesemann and recommended I have her as a guest on my show.

After my first show with Suzanne in May of 2016, I knew she was the medium I wanted to have a reading with. At the time, she had 18 months waiting list and I told her just put me at the bottom of that list, I would wait my turn. A week before Kyle’s birthday that year, I emailed Suzanne and just told her I was thinking a lot about Kyle. Kyle’s birthday is on November 24th and some years his birthday falls right on Thanksgiving Day and that was one of those years.

Suzanne emailed me right back saying we will have a reading on his Birthday! I was shocked because that was a Holiday and I didn’t want to take her away from her family on a Holiday. She emailed me to say she was told by her guides that she would be giving a reading for a mom who had a son in spirit on Thanksgiving Day. When she received my email, she knew I was that mom.

Words cannot express how amazing and wonderful Kyle’s Birthday reading was; Kyle came through and we even have his voice on audio from that reading. Kyle introduce me to (EVP), Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Since then Kyle has been reaching out to me in many ways, giving me physical evidence he is still very much right here with me.

I met Sonia Rinaldi at the Afterlife Symposium in September of 2018. I had heard about all the wonderful work she is doing with (ITC) Instrumental Trans-Communication for the past 30 years. She is a Brazilian researcher and has amazing results from her research. In March of this year Kyle has been coming to her on the regular.

I put together a video of all the physical evidence I have to date that Kyle is very much still with me. We actually have a closer relationship now that he is in spirit. Kyle was a grown man living his own life. Even though he only lived about 40 minutes away from me, I would only see Kyle on Holidays, when he was here in the physical. Now he is with me all the time and we are working together as partners. Our love ones are never gone, they are always still right here with us and we can still have a relationship with them. Love never dies and there is really no such thing as death, there is only eternal LIFE!

Wishing everyone a very Joyous Holiday Season and an Amazing New Year!

Kyle is Still Right Here with Me

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