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Helping You Heal and Find Peace with Colleen Smith

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with therapist and medium Colleen Smith on Friday, December 27, 2019 at 7:00 PM EST. This program was pre-recorded. Click here to listen to the show on BlogTalk Radio. Or click here to watch the show on YouTube.

Colleen was born with the ability to see and hear departed souls and her childhood was spent in the company of spirits. For many years she did not know she was different, so she played with them just as she would her other friends. She developed a deep comfort interacting with those across the veil.

However, she had no spiritual mentors, so as she got older, her fear of not fitting in grew stronger. Therefore, as a teen she worked to shut down her spiritual gifts and set out to live a “regular” life.

Naturally she maintained a deep interest in the spiritual and metaphysical world, and even twice went on a spiritual search but was pulled back by the requirements of raising a family while simultaneously growing a corporate career. However, she chose a career path of Human Resources where she could coach and help people grow.

The connection with the other side drove her life path and she eventually became a psychotherapist. She integrated her mediumship gifts into her work her entire professional life.

She utilized the spiritual gifts but stayed in the “psychic closet” not discussing it openly for many years out of fear of judgement and career retribution. Then her oldest son Austin transitioned to spirit unexpectedly at the age of 26. Immediately Austin began communicating and leaving feather as signs for her.

She wanted to enrich her communication with Austin; through a series of Divine synchronicity she scheduled a reading with Suzanne Giesemann. That is something Colleen and I have in common, and it was Suzanne that lead me to Colleen.

The reading was a life changing experience for both myself and my husband. Suzanne brought forth an overwhelming volume of evidence of Austin’s continued existence. The confirmation that Austin was still here allowed the family to heal. This and the feathers Austin began leaving were incredible spiritual demonstrations of the soul continuing to exist. It helped my family in their grief journey. She experienced firsthand the power of spirit to heal and she knew it was time to follow her calling.

To learn more about Colleen visit her website:

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