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A Message for Our Time with Ernie Pappa

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with author Ernie Pappa on Friday, June 12, 2020 at 7:00 PM EDT. This program has been pre-recorded. Click here to watch on YouTube. Or click here to listen on BlogTalk Radio.

Ernie has been involved in exploring spirituality and meditation for more than fifty years. He has studied and participated in many spiritual paths that have come to the planet in the current and previous century to prepare humanity for a major shift in consciousness.

Ernie’s primary mission in life is to lead those sincerely interested in finding their own connection to God/Spirit and the Universe, and to discover their True soul expression. Through making a connection with the Divine and expressing their innate personal talent and creativity, the aspirant can profoundly energize their Being and drive their spiritual life forward into Oneness.

Ernie is the author of And God Whispered…A Message for Our Time. God/Spirit speaks directly to the reader in a easy to read and written for the heart and intuition of the reader rather than the intellect. And God Whispered. . . is destined to become a spiritual mainstay for those sincerely interested in deepening their spiritual awareness.

In And God Whispered…, God/Spirit opens the eyes and heart of the reader to the reality of Oneness or the One Consciousness of the Universe that is available to anyone who seeks its reality within themselves. The reader is empowered by the truths presented that enable any sincere aspirant to enter the holy of holies with or without the assistance of a teacher, guru or other intermediary. God invites each of us to become One with the all-pervasive Oneness Consciousness that provides life to the vast Universe.

The book is about coming home to our real nature which lies within and leads us on a journey to All That IS. Mostly, it is about awakening and becoming our True Self.

Each chapter provides food for deep pondering in the For Pondering commentary at the end which allows the reader to integrate the truths presented. Then in the Meditation section that follows, the book becomes truly interactive and gives the reader the tools to enter into Oneness and experience their own connection with the Divine. These meditations include visualizations, breathing techniques, mantras and even eye open meditations that can be done while walking, driving or functioning during the day.

The Affirmations that follow the Meditation section assist the reader in focusing their attitudes and thoughts in a way that will bring about profound positive changes in their lives.

And God Whispered… is a book that was more channeled than written. That is, it came from within; from the Universal Source of all Truth. It has been given to the world as a reminder of the Oneness of all existence and to help teach and guide humans during this time of transition to a higher vibration on the planet.

To contact Ernie and buy his book:

Ave Maria

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