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An Amazing Conversation with Mikki Willis

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I had an extraordinarily wonderful conversation with film producer Mikki Willis. Mikki is the film producer of the Plandemic film series. I had the honor and pleasure of having a heartfelt one-on-one conversation with him. You can see the full conversation on YouTube, Bitchute, and Rumble.

Because my show has never been scripted or pre-planned with questions ahead of time, our conversation did not touch much on the title I had named the show, “Unity within Diversity” regarding keeping the Truth and Freedom movement united. There was a natural and organic flow to the direction of our conversation.

Mikki’s film series Plandemic has made him a leader in our movement and has been the catalyst for waking up so many people worldwide. Which started very early on in the Plandemic in May 2020. He released the first Plandemic film on May 4, 2020, by saying “May the 4th be with you!” Not knowing at that moment how much this film would change his life forever.

I first discovered Mikki on Facebook a few days after the release of the film. I had not had the chance to see the film yet. He was in tears because of the worldwide response he was getting because he was sharing the Truth that the powers that shouldn’t be did not want to be known.

Our conversation started with me telling him how I discovered him on Facebook, and from there we engaged in a deeply inspiring conversation, touching on what this life is truly all about. Which will be uniquely different for each person. We all have these Awakening moments in our lives, challenging moments that we plan before our birth.

Life challenges are our greatest blessings in disguise, we plan them to help us to wake up to the Truth of who we are. Because every challenge is a choice point. It is your free will choice to rise to a higher level despite the situation and circumstances, allowing that challenge to make you stronger and live your true soul’s purpose for this life experience.

One of the most difficult lessons for humans to learn is that everything that happens to us is our own soul’s plan, by our design. We each are the creators of our life experiences. This is what is meant in the Bible verse when it states that we are all created in the image and likeness of God. We are each holographic cells of God/Source/Creator/All That IS. Each person is all of God in a drop.

In our humanness, we want to blame others when things go wrong. We don’t want to accept responsibility for our own lives and for the state of humanity. When in truth we have created it individually and collectively. Only we together collectively can solve humanity’s problems, this is what Humanity’s Great Awakening is all about. The Great Awakening starts within you.

At the end of our conversation, Mikki plays a short 6-minute film that focuses completely on the importance of staying united regardless of our differences. Regardless of our skin color, religion, gender, nationality, or political ideology, we all want the same thing. The Globalist Elites, which are less than 1% of the world’s population have controlled us, 99% of the population with divide and conquer. That is the only way they can control us, is by allowing them to divide us and keep us in a state of fear with lies and propaganda.

Mikki’s film series Plandemic was the catalyst to wake up so many people worldwide to the Truth, exposing the lies and deceptions we have been programmed with our entire life. If you have not seen the series, I encourage everyone to go to this website and watch it.

Our Birthright - Short film by Mikki Willis

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