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Does the WHO Pandemic Treaty Differ from What Happened in 2020?

In March 2020 the entire world was plunged into an unprecedented State of Emergency declared by the World Health Organization (WHO). Over 190 countries went into lockdown overnight.

Many are very concerned about Biden signing the (WHO) Pandemic Treaty. Giving unelected bureaucrats the control over the United States Pandemic response. Which will allow the WHO to declare a global pandemic at will. The Biden administration is in the process of finalizing this pandemic accord.

There is a clause that has been covertly included in this treaty that deliberately circumvents the power of the Senate, giving its consent to provisionally or temporarily making it enforceable immediately upon signing it. Also, the Biden administration has taken the position that this is an International Executive Agreement that the President can conclude of his own accord without approval by Congress.

In reviewing the details of the WHO Pandemic Treaty, it seems very familiar. If we look back 3 years ago to March 2020, exactly what is in this treaty took place without a signed treaty. Every response that the United States took in 2020 was dictated by the WHO.

With virtually no evidence of a pandemic, small businesses were forced to close; churches, mosques and synagogues closed, schools closed, lockdowns, social distancing, masking, and ultimately the Covid shots. Big tech censorship of anything that did not go along with the government and the WHO’s official narrative. You could not even recommend taking vitamin D. How crazy was that?

There is overwhelming evidence that none of the pandemic response measures did any good. They have all been a complete and utter failure. Even the New York Times published an article this past week entitled The Mask Mandates Did Nothing. Will Any Lessons Be Learned? In actuality, the exact opposite happened; every one of the measures were harmful to the public. These measures were especially harmful to our children, young adults, and elderly.

We have already witnessed the failure of the WHO pandemic measures. Therefore, my question is why are we panicking now about Biden signing the WHO Treaty? It is just a piece of paper that cannot be enforced if We the People do not allow it to be enforced. Many people were asleep in March 2020; however, not now. Millions in this country and billions worldwide have Awaken in the past 3 years. Are we going to allow what happened in 2020 to ever happen again?

It is up to us, each one of us to own our Sovereignty. These cannot just be words to say with no action behind them. Imagine if all the people who are Awake now were awake in 2020. None of those things could have happened. Imagine if no one closed their business, like Tony Roman, owner of Basilico's Pasta e Vino Restaurant in Huntington Beach, CA. He did not close his business for one day.

We The People really do have all the power! The tyrants know this, they do not want us to know it. They feel that Fear will keep us obeying them and complying with their lies. Therefore, when the WHO calls for the next Plandemic, just ignore them and continue living life as usual. If we do not comply, they cannot do anything.

We have already shown them a taste of our power. Look what happened with their so-called monkeypox pandemic. Nothing! Because we ignored their nonsense. The Awaken Collective is now the majority, even if it may not seem like it. Here is how we know from ratings and viewers. The Joe Rogan podcast has over 11 million, The Highwire over 6 million, Fox News over 3.5 million, CNN 1.2 million, and MSNBC less than a million.

People are waking up and seeing through the lies and turning off mainstream News. There are many who are Awake who have been silent. The next time our Freedoms are being threatened, this silent majority will no longer be silent. What happened in 2020 can never be repeated, we are Awake now!

Tedros Ghebreyesus - World Health Organization (WHO)

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