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Email sent to EMILY OSTER, Professor of Economics, Brown University

Dear Emily,

I just read the article you posted. You are a professor at Brown University. I have a cousin that graduated from Brown. What is it about highly educated people with IVY League education that they are so brainwashed by mainstream News?

I stopped watching mainstream News in September 2001. I have not watched it in over 21 years and am extremely proud of that fact. I was told by my intuition to “Turn off the News and NEVER turn it back on!” At that point I had no idea why, however, I was very obedient to my intuition. I did not learn why until 11 years later.

Eleven years later on the Anniversary of 911, September 11, 2012, that same intuition then instructed me to go on YouTube and search and see what actually happened in 2001. I watched 3 documentaries on 911 back-to-back, over 6 hours of documentaries.

The first one was created by Families For 911 Truth, the second one was created by Architects and Engineers For 911 Truth, and the third one was titled Building 7: The Smoking Gun. Do you know about 50% of Americans do not know that 3 buildings went down in NYC that day. These documentaries are no longer on YouTube.

From watching over 6 hours, I could see with my very own eyes, every word we were told by the News about 911 was a LIE! Then I understood why my inner guidance yelled at me to turn off the News and never turn it back on in September 2001.

Early in 2020, I could sense that the News was gearing up for another massive LIE like 911. You do not have to watch the News to know exactly what lies they are spreading. I was sharing all I knew to be true with my Aunt who was listening to me, then my cousin, her son, the one that graduated from Brown University, got on the phone and told me to stop telling his mother all these conspiracy theories. When I was only sharing FACTS with my Aunt.

In April 2020, the first person I knew personally to be diagnosed with Covid was another Aunt who was 88 years old at the time. She had gone to her doctor for a regular checkup and while there they told her she tested positive for Covid. She only had a runny nose. I asked her, what were her symptoms? And she told me she only had mild cold symptoms and never got very ill. This Aunt just turned 90 years old last week on October 25, 2022.

I noticed that doctors who were saying a different narrative than the mainstream News were all being censored. These were very highly qualified and accredited doctors. When in history before have doctors been censored for sharing their medical opinion? I learned from them that wearing a mask to prevent getting a virus is like trying to keep a mosquito out of your yard with a chain link fence. The holes needed in a mask so you can breathe are far larger than a virus particle. Wearing a mask only is harmful to a person's health and this is a proven FACT.

When my state of Pennsylvania declared a mask mandate in mid-April 2020, I got on social media and said I would never wear a mask. I was attacked by so-called friends, and many unfriended me. I also told my friends they are mandating mask wearing now and tomorrow they will be trying to mandate a vaccine. They all said I was crazy. Now who’s the crazy one?

Also, because I do not watch the News, I know a mandate is NOT A LAW! No Governor can make an arbitrary law. There are procedures for creating laws. I knew this because I do my own research. While using my own critical thinking skills that no one watching the News was doing. Logic and common sense went right out the window for most people in March 2020.

A few weeks ago, at the European Parliament a Pfizer executive openly admitted that they never tested the shots for stopping the transmission or stopping the spread of the illness and everyone was in shock. I knew exactly that since November 2020. Pfizer never hid that fact; it was in all their documentation about the vaccine’s trials. I knew before even the release of the Covid shots that Pfizer stated clearly, they were NOT testing for stopping transmission or stopping the spread of an illness. They were testing for less hospitalization and less severe illness.

Now everyone is in shock that a Pfizer executive admitted this in court to the European Parliament two weeks ago. That is why the lady chuckled when she gave this testimony, because this information was never hidden. Who lied to everyone was not Pfizer! Who lied to everyone was the News media. Much of what ALL the News said is untrue and has been proven already to be untrue. Their actions are criminal and their day in court is coming!

As to your article, “Let’s Declare A Pandemic Amnesty”, I think not! So, everyone can just forget all the lies that were told to them and still being told to them daily by mainstream News? I think not! My hope is that enough people have Awaken to the Truth these past two plus years, that they will never trust mainstream News again and just turn them off like I did 21 years ago.

Much Love & Appreciation, Caroline

P.S. I am publishing my email to you.

Email sent to EMILY OSTER, Professor of Economics, Brown University. In response to her article: LET’S DECLARE A PANDEMIC AMNESTY, We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID. By Emily Oster

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