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Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick with Francis Richard Conolly

I discovered the documentary film JFK to 9/11 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick about a year ago on YouTube of all places. It is a 3-hour documentary that everyone must see. I was so surprised to discover it on YouTube because we all are aware that YouTube is owned and controlled by the Globalist Elites that want to censor Truth.

I had two long conversations with Francis Richard Conolly the creator of this informative documentary. I have both full conversations in two parts on Rumble and Bitchute, and a short preview on YouTube.

The documentary film is also now in book format; you can find it on Amazon, JFK to 9/11 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick. The documentary film is already a global phenomenon and has gone viral worldwide. It was originally uploaded to YouTube in 2015 and was quickly banned by YouTube.

This documentary is Francis’s FREE gift to the world, and it has achieved over a billion views globally. The focus of this film is to untangle all the establishment and Globalists' lies and propaganda, to reveal the truth about the Kennedy Assassination, Nazi Germany, and the 9/11 False Flag event.

In 2015 this film was banned by the YouTube censorship policy that banned other truth tellers like David Icke. However, people kept re-uploading this film to YouTube and thus far you can still find it there today.

Since 2020, the YouTube censorship machine has been so busy censoring the truth about the COVID Plandemic False Flag, that they could not keep up with all their other censoring duties.

As I mentioned in my conversation with Francis, YouTube even banned the two conversations I had with David Icke and Simon Parkes that were just on the topic of spirituality. I had to re-upload those videos to my Bitchute channel.

I have not read the book yet, however, Francis states if you read the book version, you will learn even more hidden secrets that the Globalists would rather you not be aware of. Since 2020, many people have Awakened to the Globalists’ agenda to depopulate the earth and enslave humanity. However, Humanity’s Great Awakening is at hand.

Anyone with any common sense and a little critical thinking skills now can see clearly that we have been lied to our entire lives. All of the governments, education, financial, healthcare, and religious systems are corrupt and broken. All these systems were created by a tiny percentage of the world's population to control over the mass population.

Absolutely everything is a rich man's trick, the government, the justice system, the education system, the economic system, the healthcare system, and most importantly, all mainstream media is owned and controlled. They know that if they control what you believe, they control your mind, and in essence they control you.

Francis is hopeful that this film, which he has so generously shared with the world for free, has positively impacted your life, and helped to awaken you to Truth. That you might consider buying a copy of the book for him to generate some revenue so he will be able to create the sequel to this film, which many people have been asking for.

Here is the documentary film still on YouTube:

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