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Follow-Up Letter to Conversation with RFK Jr.

Dear RFK Jr., Del, Mary, & ICAN,

I was lying awake in my bed this morning, thinking about the Half-Truth Health Freedom movement led by The Highwire and CHD. And the fact that I started an important conversation that then went ignored after your initial reply. Then I checked my phone, and I received this email from one of my subscribers.

Dear Caroline,

It's a shame that RFK Jr. didn't really address your points in his reply. This is typical gaslighting from the controlled opposition that has been placed before us to lead us. I believe that they use controlled opposition to push fake court rulings to set precedents against the rest of us. 


I don't care what the courts say or do, they can never end free speech or health freedom. The only ones who can end free speech and health freedom are ourselves, through self-censorship. Unfortunately, that is the present condition, everyone is either afraid to speak the truth, or people are so confused that they have no idea what the truth is.


I personally do not care for the term “controlled opposition”, and I never use that term. What I do is ask these people who claim that they are speaking Truth and claim that they are fully transparent, direct questions that they tend to ignore or not address all together. Like Bobby did with his reply. He did not address my question, and actually was dishonest by saying that is what he and Del left their careers to do. All I ever hear Bobby and Del say is that they are NOT Anti-Vaxxers, they just want “Safer Vaccines”.


Then I learned that “Safer Vaccines” means millions of dollars going to Big Pharma, the biggest criminal organization in the world. That is a fact, because Big Pharma has paid out the largest criminal fines for products and drugs that they are liable for. When they do this with products that they are liable for, imagine what they are doing with vaccines they are not liable for.


Every person reading this letter knows that everything I am saying is the absolute TRUTH! All these court cases and even all the wins are not helping the general public. Except for the Mississippi win, that got religious exemption back into schools after almost 40 years. All these court case wins did not stop the CDC from adding COVID-19 vaccines to the childhood vaccine schedule starting at 6 months old.


There are many countries that have banned COVID-19 shots for adults under a certain age. Not the United States, they inject this bio-weapon into infants. The Health Freedom messaging should NOT be that we want “Safer Vaccines”. All vaccines are toxic and poisonous to the human body, and it is impossible to make poison safe! A FULLY Truthful and transparent Health Freedom movement would not be giving confusing messaging. A Fully Truthful Health Freedom messaging should be this simple:     -    A person’s God-given natural immunity that they are born with is FAR superior to anything that can be created in a lab by man.

-      All vaccines are toxic and poisonous to the human body, especially to infants.

-      All vaccines are UNSAFE as stated in the 2011 Supreme Court ruling.

-      Unvaccinated children and adults are FAR healthier than vaccinated children and adults.

-      Chronic illness and disease in this country has increased exponentially since 1986, since Big Pharma was given the license to kill us by Congress with the 1986 Act.

-      There is no such thing as a Safe Vaccine! How can anyone trust the largest criminal organization in the world to create a “Safe” product?


Being ignored by you will not STOP me from sharing and spreading this TRUTH far and wide. I was hoping that by coming to you honestly and respectfully that we could work together to share this Truth. As I have previously stated, there is some good that The Highwire, ICAN & CHD has done in bringing awareness to the dangers of vaccines. However, much more is needed. Nevertheless, it doesn’t appear to me that you are interested in working with me to share the FULL TRUTH.


Much Love & Appreciation, Caroline

To learn more about the 2011 Supreme Court ruling that stated that all vaccines are UNSAFE go to this website for details. Supreme Court Ruling Awareness

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I have a gut feeling, my intuition, that many SIDS deaths over the past decades are directly a result of vaccines!! The truth is already here about autism & vaccines. I had a former coworker tell me during the plandemic that when her daughter was 15, she (mother) had her take the vaccine they give teenage girls to "prevent STDs", which caused brain damage. She went into a coma, & had to relearn how to walk & other basic functions. To this day, her young adult daughter has to wear diapers, & is on SSDI. At the time, she was finally teaching her daughter to drive, to be more independent. She also shared that her daughter's neurologist at Mayo Clini…

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Yes, there is much evidence that SIDS very likely is the results of vaccines. Adding there has been much Adolescence Sudden Death Syndrome (ASDS) in the past 10 to 20 years. And we all know about the Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) since the rollout of the COVID-19 shots. All these Sudden Deaths are very likely from vaccines.


Very well said Caroline!!

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Thank you!💖

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