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Humanity Needs to Stop Playing the Victim

Here is a question that I have been asking people lately. Question: How can 99% of the world’s population be controlled by 1% of the world’s population? Answer: Because the 99% ALLOW IT! It has nothing to do with money or material wealth, it only has to do with our mindset. The majority of mankind lives in a victim mentality.

If a person is living in a victim mentality, they believe they have no control, authority, or power over their own life. This is a lie that the Globalist Elites have been brainwashing and programming humanity to believe for centuries. They know the power of our mind; they know how powerful we actually are. They don’t want us to wake up and remember how powerful we truly are.

If only 10% of the population wakes up to the truth that we are all Sovereign Divine Beings of Light and that nothing outside of ourselves has authority and power over us, then Game Over for the Globalists. The great news is that the tipping point has already happened; much more than 10% of humanity is now Awake.

The issue I keep seeing in the Truth and Freedom movement is that even though people are aware of the deception of the Globalists, they are still giving their power away to them. They do this by only focusing on what the Globalists are doing and complaining about what they are doing. When you only focus on what the Globalists are doing, and only complain, you are giving your power to them. You are doing the exact opposite of what you say you want.

The Globalists have no real power! They never had and never will have. They only have the power that we give to them. Stop giving your power to the Globalists. Stop believing that they have authority over you. All we have to do is say “NO” to their lies and ignore them entirely. Honestly, it’s that simple. They will become completely obsolete and fade away.

What you resist, will persist! This is Universal Law! The more you push back and try to fight what you don’t want; you are only making it stronger by giving it your energy and your life force. Now is the time to focus on what you want to see in the world. Now is the time to invest your energy into the things you love, your passions, and start to create the world you want to see from the inside out.

If you want peace in the world, be the peace that you want to see. World peace begins within your heart and soul. This is not a woo-woo concept, this has been proven over and over again scientifically. Also, science has proven that the high vibration of Love is 10,000 times more powerful than the low vibration of fear and hate.

One person living from a place of Love is affecting millions of people with that Love vibration. In truth, the Light has already won, even if we cannot see it yet in our reality. It is impossible for darkness to ever conquer the Light. Darkness can never extinguish the Light, Light always illuminates the darkness.

Start asking yourself what you are focusing on and giving your attention to. Ask yourself what you are giving your power to. I have this conversation all the time with people who say they want Truth and Freedom, yet they are giving their power away to the darkness.

The future that you want to experience is in your hands. It’s not about waiting for a Savior, because God has already given us all we need to save ourselves. We are our own Savior, each one of us. The Globalists want us to think we need to be saved by someone or something outside of ourselves. The Globalists want us to think that we are powerless. We are far from powerless. All of the power is within us, regardless of your religion, this is the Ultimate Truth the Globalists do not want you to know.

As I have mentioned above, the tipping point has already been reached. There are far more than 10% of the global population that are Awake. It is important to be awake to your own innate power, as well as aware of the Globalists' deceptions. Put your focus attention on creating the world you want to live in. Your focus attention is very powerful.

Change Starts Within Each of Us NOW

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