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Just Be ~ Spiritual BOOM With Eden Koz

On Awake 2 Oneness Radio series The Truth & Freedom Movement: Can We have a Conversation, it’s my honor to welcome Eden Koz, host and producer of Just Be ~ Spiritual BOOM, airing Friday, April 28, 2023, at 7:00 PM EDT, click here to watch on YouTube.

I had the pleasure of being Eden’s guest on Just Be ~ Spiritual BOOM a month ago. You can watch that show here: Just Be~Spiritual BOOM: w/Awakened Caroline Chang

Eden is a Psychological Empath, Mindset, Vibration & Energy Counsel, helping her clients with their pain and life challenges. Eden had been doing this work for 20 plus years and founded Just Be® in 2006.

As well as doing private sessions and group initiatives in person and remotely, she has written for the HuffPost, and is currently producing and hosting her podcast Just Be ~ Spiritual BOOM.

The mission of her podcast is to help Humanity through the Great Awakening, we are in the midst of at this moment. The Great Awakening is when Humanity as a collective takes a huge leap in human consciousness to a higher level. Eden is also in the middle of writing a book.

She was a clinical psychotherapist turned psychological empath. Encouraging her to take a healing career, she redirected her life toward this calling. Using consciousness and mindset counseling, vibrational skills, intuition, energy psychology, meditation, Reiki mastership, and mindfulness as well as other modalities.

Eden had a rare disease in 2016 with two brain surgeries complete with a near-death experience and two years of healing. This beautifully enhanced her depth, directed here to walk her own unique path. While helping her to grasp the full Awakening of the world today.

Her podcast Just Be ~ Spiritual BOOM airs new episodes every Wednesday, its intention is to open eyes and heart to this evolution and consciousness shift that is happening in our world right now…Humanity’s Great Awakening.

To Learn more about Eden visit her website:

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