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Open Letter to Dr. Jordan Peterson

Dear Dr. Jordan Peterson,

I was watching the talk that you gave at Oxford Union. I was extremely shocked at the statement you made. Here was your statement, “Life is essentially suffering. I believe that to be a fundamental truth.” This statement is the most FALSE STATEMENT I have ever heard in my entire life, and I am 62 years old.

I am not sure if your ignorance comes from your advanced education or your personal life experience. I am not using the word “ignorance” as an insult. I am using the word for the definition of the word. Here is the definition: The condition of being ignorant; the lack of knowledge in general, or in relation to a particular subject; the state of being uneducated or uninformed. You are not uneducated; however, you are greatly lacking knowledge, unaware, and uninformed.

I was also very shocked to see that you have millions of followers. Which from my viewpoint you are misleading millions of people. Let me tell you what suffering actually is, since obviously you do not know.

In life, we all will experience pain. However, how we handle or deal with that pain is a choice, a personal choice. Many times that choice is made subconsciously or unconsciously. Some people will rise above the pain and others will choose to let the pain destroy them and put themselves in a state of suffering.

Pain and suffering are two very different things. Pain can be emotional, mental, and/or physical. However, the state of suffering is only a mental construct; suffering is only in the mind.

I will be sharing this letter openly on my social media and website because I feel this is a very important topic. There are many people in the world putting themselves in a state of suffering unnecessarily. I want to help people come out of their self-imposed state of being. However, you as a professional psychologist seem to be doing the exact opposite with your false statement above.

I see that you have a YouTube channel with over 7 million subscribers. I would love to have a conversation with you about this topic on your channel or mine. I have been hosting a podcast for 9 years, Awake 2 Oneness Radio. You are invited to be my guest anytime.

It has been my experience that whenever I send someone with a large following an open letter to have a conversation, they do not respond, and refuse to have the conversation with me. It will be interesting to see if you accept my invitation to have a conversation publicly.

I hope to receive a reply from you and have the opportunity to have a conversation with you on this important subject matter.

Much Love & Appreciation,🌹🙏💖 Caroline

Jordan Peterson | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union

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