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Politics Is Another Divide and Conquer Tactic

(Originally published January 4, 2024, in AMP Journal - Politics Is Another Divide and Conquer Tactic, Unshackle Your Mind from Limited Thinking and Step Out of The Cage)

We are now in a new year that happens to be very political for those who buy into the political system in America. As I have stated many times in my articles, I am not political at all. I never have been and never will be.

I am not political because all politics does is divide people. It is one of the Globalist Elites' ‘Trump’ cards, no pun intended, for their tactic to divide and conquer and keep the population fighting each other. Personally, I stand for Truth and Freedom, which has no political party because everyone in this country and everyone in the world wants to know the truth and be free to live their lives in peace.

US Presidency Was Stolen in 2020

Astonishingly, we are still here clinging to a governmental system that is so thoroughly corrupt, dishonest, and criminal that it is hard to find words to describe. We all were witnesses to the Presidential election being stolen 3 years ago, yet nothing has been done about that treasonous act. The entire world was witness to the theft of a US Presidential election.

Donald Trump was the sitting President in 2020 and anyone with eyes to see can see he won that election by a landslide. The presidency was stolen right from underneath him and now people think he can win in 2024.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So, everyone who voted for Trump in 2020 is going to go out and vote for him again in 2024 and expect different results. Honestly, to me that is insane.

When you earnestly look at the position of the president in the US, it is in essence just a figurehead puppet position, which many times is selected, not elected by the Globalists. And if there is an honest election, the Globalists do not care who is in that office, because they know that they control that office.

Let me give you a perfect example of this. Anthony Fauci was the Director of the  National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) from 1984 to 2022, for 38 years, during 10 different presidential terms.

The enormous list of Fauci crimes you can find published in The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier, which was published in January 2021, by Dr. David Martin. This 205-page Dossier was sent to every person in Congress, every state AG, every law enforcement agency, and every media outlet nationwide. This is documented evidence of all of Fauci's crimes dating back to the 1990s and absolutely nothing has been done about this.

Trump had the chance to fire Fauci in 2020. There was a petition with over a million signatures requesting Fauci to be fired and that did not happen. Trump did not fire Fauci because Trump did not have the power to fire Fauci. Fauci was put in place in 1984 by the Globalists, therefore, Fauci had more power than Trump.

President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination

I was only 1 year old when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. I do not think there is one person in America who does not realize that the CIA and the government had a hand in killing President Kennedy. This goes back to my point; that the president of the US is just a selected or elected figurehead.

President Kennedy was killed because he was attempting to step out of the box the Globalists had placed him in. JFK was bold enough to not only defy the CIA, however, he was also defying organized criminals that also helped get him elected.

There is a great documentary on YouTube, JFK to 9/11 Everything is A Rich Man’s Trick that goes into the JFK assassination in detail. This documentary has been seen globally with close to a billion views. I had the pleasure of having a conversation with the filmmaker Francis Richard Conolly.

During our conversation, he gave a great analogy for the US government. He stated it is like an old rusty broken-down car, none of the parts work, and the car can’t move. By having an election all we are doing is replacing the driver and expecting the car to run smoothly. The government is completely corrupt inside and out and cannot be fixed with an election.

Amount of Government Corruption Already Exposed

There has been so much government corruption that has been exposed over the past 4 years, let alone since 2001. Let me make a list here of most of the things we would all agree on.

-      The JFK Assassination was perpetrated by the CIA and the government.

-      The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 goes against the Nuremberg code of ethics and is a crime against humanity giving Big Pharma the license to kill.

-      9/11 was basically the American government attacking its own citizens and blaming it on a handful of Muslims.

-      COVID-19 Plandemic was fake, for the purpose of trying to force everyone to get a bioweapon injection.

-      The 2020 Presidential election was stolen from the sitting president.

-      Every major war has been created by the use of False Flags to service the Globalists. A great book about this is War Is a Racket written by Major General Smedley D. Butler. He gives a first-hand account of the corruption of war.

-      One of the top funders of Nazi Germany was Prescott Bush. His son George Bush and grandson George W. Bush both became presidents of the US. The office of the president was occupied by Nazis for 3 terms.

-      Bill Gates, who is the top funder of the WHO has openly admitted for decades he feels that the world is overpopulated. His solution to this alleged overpopulation problem is to inject everyone in the world with his vaccines.

-      The government was caught colluding with Big Tech to take away Americans’ First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech in the Missouri v. Biden lawsuit.

-      President Biden mandated a bioweapon shot on to the American workforce in September 2021, which goes against the Nuremberg Code of Ethics.

Let’s face it, the government is owned and operated by the Globalists and Big Pharma, it has been for a very long time. So, let’s just stay trapped in the cage that they have placed us in and go to the polls in November. This is exactly what they want us to do. Every vote to them is just another person who believes that their vote matters and that person has placed their faith in a corrupt and criminal government.

Trump Is Nobody’s Savior

Trump was in office for four years. All I heard was he was going to ‘clean the swamp’. That was just talk because when he left the office, the swamp was deeper and bigger than ever. When someone told me that Trump said that he could shoot someone in the middle of 5th Ave. and not lose supporters. I did not believe them. I did not believe that Trump could make an arrogant statement such as that in public. I did a search on it and it came right up.

He is actually proving that the arrogant statement he made is true. Trump can do no wrong in so many people’s eyes. Even though he was the face of Operation Warp Speed and bragged so much about it. He wanted to be sure he got all the credit for Warp Speed and I have no problem giving him the credit he is asking for.

Alex Jones was one of Trump's biggest supporters, and Alex publicly asked Trump to come out a apologize for telling people they should get the COVID shots. Another big supporter of Trump was Candice Ownes and she interviewed him in December 2021, after all the harm and death these shots were causing, and he still was 100% behind these shots and still saying everyone should get them.

On my Facebook page in September 2020, I shared a video clip of Trump saying in an interview that the pharmaceutical companies would be held liable if these shots were harmful. I knew that was a lie, of course, he must have known it was a lie when he said it. I was attacked by Trump supporters for sharing truthful information about him. It was OK for me to share truthful information about Biden, but I was not supposed to share truthful information about Trump. Really?

That is a big issue I see with people who are political and focus on politics. It is not about truth anymore; it is about protecting their candidate. They point out what’s wrong with the candidate they dislike and want to hide any information that can hurt the candidate they like. That is not standing up for the truth. That is just falling into the political trap.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. For President

When my daughter passed away last year from a vaccine injury she received because she was forced to take a vaccine to attend college. I contacted the Children’s Health Defense (CHD). I have been following their work since 2020, and I think they are a great organization for families with vaccine-injured children.

I contacted the CHD because my main focus was to do whatever I could to get the 1986 Act repealed. Once that illegal, criminal Act is repealed there will be no more vaccines, because Big Pharma will stop making them. Repealing the 1986 Act is all that needs to be done to put an end to the madness of Big Pharma harming our children.

I was surprised to receive an email from an attorney that Bobby had recommended to contact me. She and I had a brief conversation, yet she blew me off by saying let us attorneys handle this. Yeah, they have done such a good job up to now handling this when this Act has been on the books for 37 years.

This right here is proof that Big Pharma owns the government. No politician, not even Bobby Kennedy, is talking about getting this Act repealed. If CHD and Del Bigtree have been working at informing the public for so long, why has no politician, state AG, or even ICAN made real steps in getting the 1986 Act repealed?

The question I would love to ask Bobby and Del is “How can you make poison safer?” Both Bobby and Del state that they are not anti-vaxxers, I personally wear the badge of 'Anti-Vaxxer' proudly. They both say all they want are safer vaccines.

All vaccines are poison, so how do you make poison safer? And how do you trust Big Pharma, the largest criminal organization in the world, to make safe products? It is a proven fact that Big Pharma is the largest criminal in the world because they have paid out the largest amount in criminal fines.

Yes, the CHD and The Highwire’s ICAN have done a good job of bringing awareness of this issue to the public. However, the solution is very simple. Repeal the 1986 Act and this issue will go away instantly. Nevertheless, this has not been done. Therefore, it comes down to them just paying lip service to the real problem.

Take Off the Shackles of A Corrupt Government

I talked to so many people who have absolutely no idea how to think out of the box, out of the cage they have been placed in for all their lives. I have even been told they would rather just change the driver of a broken-down car and they believe that will fix the car.

For far too long, humanity has been ensnared in an outdated paradigm, a paradigm controlled by fear, propaganda, deception, and divide-and-conquer tactics. Moreover, the mass population keeps conforming to these criminals, even though they clearly see through the lies. In this 3D Matrix, the status quo has been maintained by national and world leaders clinging to their power at all costs.

This year is a call to all Americans to rise above the limitations of the past and embrace a New Era of true change, true reform, and peaceful revolution. Start thinking out of the box/cage the Globalists have put you in. There should not be an election in November, there should not be a repeat of November 2020. Yet, if you do the same thing over and over again, you only get the exact same results.

People must learn to embrace their own personal sovereignty. Stop giving your power away to so-called authority figures who are blatant criminals. Sovereignty is not just a word, it's a profound realization of your innate power and autonomy. People see the problems in this country, yet they don’t want to personally have to fix them. They want someone else to fix them for them. That is how they allow themselves to be trapped and enslaved.

It is the acknowledgment that your destiny lies in your own hands, that you are not a mere pawn in the Globalist’s grand chess game. You are the master of your own path. Embracing sovereignty means recognizing that true leadership begins with self-leadership, it begins with you. It is the unwavering commitment to being the captain of your own life.

Refusing to compromise your integrity, staying true to yourself, and not conforming to popular demands. In a world where external events, circumstances, and authorities often seek to exert control. You will stand as a beacon of self-determination and self-reliance.

Fearless Pursuit of Truth

Standing in the fearless pursuit of truth, you have no political interest, because you see that politics is just a game to keep us divided. Standing in your truth against all odds reflects your unwavering commitment to always question the status quo, and your willingness to explore deeper and the world around you.

Standing for Truth you must fearlessly embrace truth on multiple levels. First and foremost, you realize the importance of seeking the truth within yourself, and then boldly bringing that truth out into the world.

This involves self-introspection, self-inquiry, and a willingness to confront your own limiting beliefs, fears, and insecurities. Beyond self-discovery, you extend your fearless pursuit of truth to the world around you. You are not content with accepting things at face value, you dig deeper and use inner guidance and discernment.

You ask tough questions, questions that others are afraid to ask, like the question I have for Bobby and Dell. You challenge prevailing narratives and refuse to be swayed by popular opinion or dogma. The endless quest for truth is a journey of continuous growth and expansion.

The fearless pursuit of truth is also marked by an openness to different perspectives and different opinions. Recognizing that truth can be multifaceted and that diversity of thought is a valuable asset. Engaging in constructive dialogue with others, seeking to understand rather than to judge. Not arguing, fighting, or debating, because this leads to nowhere and only lowers your vibration.

Having a willingness to listen and learn fosters an environment of mutual respect and growth. In a world often clouded by false information, your commitment to truth becomes a guiding light. It dispels the shadows of ignorance and deception, encouraging others to also question and discern. Demonstrating a pursuit of truth inspires others, it fosters a culture of critical thinking and discernment, qualities essential for a peaceful revolutionary change in the country.

Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

The transformative power of letting go of limiting beliefs is like a heavy weight that is lifted off of you. The 'powers that shouldn’t be' understand that these deeply ingrained beliefs that are rooted in societal conditioning, serve as self-imposed barriers that hinder personal growth, hinder the collective evolution of humanity, and keep humanity enslaved.

By releasing these self-imposed shackles, which are your limiting beliefs, you free yourself from the constraints of self-doubt and fear, creating an expansive space for new insights and new possibilities to emerge.

Letting go of limiting beliefs is not a one-time thing, however, an ongoing process of self-awareness and inner exploration. It involves questioning the narratives that have shaped your entire worldview and challenging assumptions that no longer serve your higher purpose and the higher purpose of society. It is a conscious choice to replace self-limiting thoughts with empowering beliefs that reflect your true potential.

Furthermore, by liberating yourself from these limiting beliefs, you will become a living example of the power to transform, and the power to transform the country. Your journey becomes an inspiration to others, encouraging them to embark on their path of self-discovery and liberation from the chains of society’s conditioning.

This requires great courage, perseverance, and a deep commitment to truth and personal growth. Nevertheless, with each step you take in this direction, you are contributing to the awakening and evolution of humanity, a global shift towards a more conscious, loving, peaceful, and genuine world. Not a world clouded in illusion and deception.

Half-Truth In The Truth & Freedom Movement

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