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Remember Who You Are with Yolanda Marie

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with Intuitive Channel Yolanda Marie on Friday, May 15, 2020 at 7:00 PM EDT. This program was pre-recorded. Click here to watch on YouTube. Or click here to listen on BlogTalk Radio. Yolanda Marie is a “Blue Ray Starseed”, which means she came into this incarnation intentionally surrounded by family and community who were unawake and would remain so throughout the larger part of her life. From this definition, I must also be a “Blue Ray Starseed". I know I am a Pleiadian Starseed instinctively and I also KNOW instinctively I came into this incarnation without my soul family. For many years, this caused her to continuously question everything about her life, to the extent that she would hide her true nature and only reveal the acceptable societal mask. Yolanda Marie experienced great success in her youth in the arts and education, which put me on a trajectory for worldly success and fame. However, she also experienced monumental loss, heartbreak, deep depression, and anxiety. Unbeknownst to her at the time, this was her mission and part of her soul purpose. Yolanda Marie was supposed to endure these things to fully understand the polarity of this human experience. Understanding the True nature of beings on this planet is her mission. Bridging the gap and balancing the polarity here on this planet is her mission. Healing and teaching others how to heal through Unconditional Love and non-judgement is her mission. Which is in perfect alignment with Awake 2 Oneness Radio’s mission. Showing others how to just be and stand in their Truth of who they are. Yolanda Marie has a degree in psychology and research experience in behavioral activation to address depression and anxiety. Also, she has a degree in vocal music (emphasis in opera). She was classically trained since the age of thirteen. After her final “wake up call”, other gifts began to present themselves to her. She is clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, and claircognizant. She has different ways of communicating with beings in different dimensions (channeling, tarot cards, and various other signs and signals). She channels energy through her body for healing and transmutation. To learn more about Yolanda Marie visit her YouTube Channel:

Hold Your Focus - Yolanda Marie

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