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RFK Jr. 2nd Respond is Completely Off Topic

I was surprised to receive a 2nd response from RFK Jr. last night. However, this response was not on topic at all and feels like he is attacking and belittling me. In this response he accuses me of being angry. When not one word in my letters to him was from a place of anger. His response is below, with my reply to him.


In his 1st response, he did not answer my one question and did not address my concerns with CHD messaging. In his 2nd response, he accused me of being angry (which I have no anger at all) and said that I should direct my anger to the pharmaceutical companies.

However, he knows very well that the pharmaceutical companies do not mandate vaccines. It’s the state governments that mandate these shots. And with the case of the COVID-19 shots, that was the federal government mandating an experiment.


He is trying to distract my focus from the Truth of the matter. That truth is it is the government that gave Big Pharma the license to kill with the 1986 Act. Even in his presidential campaign he doesn’t speak of repealing that illegal, unconstitutional, criminal 1986 Act. All the problems with the vaccine program in this country stem from that Act.


Then he keeps talking about how he and Del are working so hard in the Health Freedom movements. When both he and Del always say that they are not Anti-Vaxxers, promoting “Safer Vaccines”. The main point of my letters to him is that there is no such thing as a “Safe Vaccine”. They are all poisonous and toxic to the human body. This topic he does not address at all. My letters began when I discovered that the promotion of “Safer Vaccines” is only putting millions of dollars into Big Pharma’s pockets.


From his responses, he is showing me that he is not interested in addressing the real problems with CHD messaging and the confusing message of not being Anti-Vaxx. Now he has turned to attacking my charter and belittling my efforts to inform the public of the Full Truth. Giving me the impression that the message that I am sharing is not one that Del or CHD wants to share.


As I have shared many times, the power is NOT in the government, the power is in ‘We the People.' Del and CHD's approach to trying to create change going through the corrupt and criminal courts will not really ever solve this problem. Because it’s the corrupt government and courts that have created the problem.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” - Albert Einstein

2nd Reply from RFK Jr.


Caroline. Del and I are in the middle of a presidential campaign. We are working 20 hour days and seven day weeks. I get 3000 emails a day and I do my best to answer people like you. But we are in a triage situation for the next four months. I would ask you to consider, during that time, directing your anger and energies against the pharmaceutical companies and the medical cartel rather than Del and me. Neither of us has vaccine injured children. Both of us have given up our careers to fight for medical freedom and justice for injured children and their families. We have now given everything to this presidential campaign, which is the only way to dismantle the pharmaceutical cartel for good. Most of the world is now attacking us to protect the multi trillion dollar pharmaceutical paradigm. You can choose to join them or you can join us even if you don’t agree with us on every issue. I’ve been an advocate all of my life and I’ve watched again again as dissenting social movements destroy themselves through backbiting and circular firing squads rather than focusing their weapons on the real enemy. Just a suggestion.  


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 


My reply to RFK Jr.’s 2nd reply:

Dear Bobby,

Not one word I have written is from a place of anger. Please show me in anything that I have written, do you hear anger? Because there is absolutely NO ANGER in my tone! There is nothing but 100% HONESTY and TRUTH in my tone and my tone is extremely respectful.

It was not the pharmaceutical companies that forced my daughter to get a booster shot to attend college. It is the state governments that mandate these unsafe shots onto innocent babies, children, and adults to attend educational institutions. This I know you know.

We are not even having the same conversation. Because I am not angry, and I am doing all I can to share the absolute 100% Truth with the public, not half-truths. By educating the public to these Truths, that the majority of Americans are unaware of, this will put an end to the travesty of the vaccine program in this country. Therefore, what I am doing now is far more effective than waiting on the corrupt government and court system through years and years of litigation.

It would be far better if you and Del joined me and informed your audience of the main points I have presented in my letters. My way will work, because once the public is fully informed the people will take back the power that they have always had and say “No More” to vaccines. At this moment they are not fully informed.

Of course, I understand that your primary focus at this time is your presidential campaign. And since your valuable time is so very limited, I would appreciate it when you do respond to me, your response is to the FACTS and the Truth, addressing my concerns, and addressing what I have written.

Not saying things to me that are completely out of context as to what I have written. Such as accusing me of being angry when I am not. And again, you have not addressed one concern I have written in previous letters.

I understand completely. The empowering messages and the Full Truth about the government involvement with the vaccine program in this country that I am sharing is not something that you, Del, or CHD are interested in sharing. This can be my only take away from your responses to my letters thus far.

Now that I am clear about this, I will continue on my own, because my approach is much more effective and will be much more helpful to others. I have dedicated the past 9 plus years of my life to helping others without making one penny. So, please do not compare what you and Del are doing to being more important than what I am doing. Thank you!

Again, as I always say, respectfully, Much Love & Appreciation, Caroline

For more information that everyone should know about the 1986 Act and the 2011 Supreme Court ruling go to Supreme Court Ruling Awareness

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