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The Constitution Does Not Give Us Our Rights We Are Born FREE

I am meeting many wonderful people that are 70 – 90 year-old, that have been seeing this coming for a long time. However, not even they could have expected or have foreseen what happened in March 2020.

They did not see that the entire world would be dragged into TOTALITARIANISM OVERNIGHT! This was a shock to everyone. Now we have been in this state of Worldwide Totalitarianism for going on 3 years.

What is coming next no one can foresee. It will be the EXACT OPPOSITE of March 2020. It will be the forces of LIGHT changing the entire landscape, changing the global paradigm OVERNIGHT WORLDWIDE.

No one can say exactly what this will be, or when this is going to happen. However, it feels very soon, possible before the end of this year. However, it is up to each of us to STAND FIRM in our Sovereignty! A piece of paper does not give us the God Given Rights we are born with. All the Constitution does is Protect Our Rights; it does not give us our Rights.

We have seen that the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Nuremberg Code of Ethics mean absolutely NOTHING when corrupt governments want to try to force their will onto the people. Please STOP giving your power away to the corrupt governments. We the People have ALL THE POWER, and we always have had the power. We individually and collectively keep giving our power away when we are in a state of Fear or feel “Oh, little me, I can’t do anything”.

If you do not like the election results, do what Buckminster Fuller stated in this quote below. We The People must come together in Peace, Love and Unity, town by town, and community by community. A true grass-roots movement for Truth, Justice and Freedom for ALL.

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