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The Solar Eclipse Is a Major Turning Point for Humanity

Many people have been hearing about Humanity’s Great Awakening for the past 4 years. It has been spoken of in ancient spiritual wisdom teachings for eons. It is not new, and it has been a natural process of humanity’s consciousness evolution since the dawn of mankind.

There is nothing “woo woo” or mysterious about the evolutionary process of humanity’s consciousness to a higher level. We can see clearly from ancient ruins that at some point many thousands of years ago, mankind was more advanced than today’s civilization. With today’s modern science and technology experts can’t even figure out how the great pyramids were built.

There were ancient civilizations like Lemuria and Atlantis that were far more evolved than today’s civilizations. The people of these ancient civilizations were more advanced consciously and knew the true nature of reality. They knew that everything is the same energy vibrating at different frequencies. And that energy is interconnected and interdependent like quantum physics has been teaching us for over 100 years.

Quantum physics has been teaching us the true nature of our reality for over a century; however, this science is not being taught in schools. The science that bridges science with spirituality. Science is now teaching us what spirituality has been teaching for eons.

Everything is connected, everything is ONE! Separation is unreal and is an illusion. This is the Universal Law of Oneness. Therefore obviously, the movements of the sun, moon, stars, and plants have significant meaning to what is happening here on Earth.

The Plandemic, Scamdemic, Shamdemic of 2020 was necessary to be the catalyst for Humanity’s Great Awakening. Mankind was in a deep sleep, a deep slumber to the Truth of what controlled this 3D Matrix that was created and controlled by the 1% ruling elites. For the past four years, mankind globally has started to wake up to the Truth.

Now is the turning point in Humanity’s Great Awakening. That is the significance of the Super Moon Total Solar Eclipse this past Monday, April 8, 2024. And it is no coincidence that the total eclipse path cut right across the United States; just as it did on August 21, 2017. The combined eclipse paths create an X across the US.

How a person felt about the approaching total solar eclipse on Monday is an indication as to where they are in this awakening process. Many people were filled with excitement, anticipation, joy, and celebration. Knowing that this event was marking a New Dawn for Humanity. Others were filled with fear and dread thinking it might be the end of the world. Many were afraid to leave their home on that day and several states called for a State of Emergency. Then there were those who just ignored it completely thinking it was nothing of importance.

Those in the first group, filled with joy, excitement, and celebration are Awake and on the high timeline heading to the New 5D Earth. Those in a state of fear are still very much tied to the old 3D Matrix which is collapsing in front of our eyes. And those who were completely indifferent to the event are still asleep and also attached to the old 3D Matrix timeline.

We live in a multiverse; this has also been proven scientifically. Meaning that there are many future timelines, and each person will be on the timeline according to their inner core vibration of Love or Fear. Those are the only two choices we are facing now. Do we live our lives from a place of Love, or do we live our lives from a place of fear?

The significance of this turning point is now we will start to see that Humanity is winning this chess match with the shadow side. Up until now, it has appeared that the Globalists were winning with their agenda to enslave all of humanity. This will be the year we will see that is not the case and that Humanity is winning.

However, we do live in a Free Will Universe. We are each Sovereign Divine Beings of Light creating the future we each will experience. We will not all experience the same future. Which is OK and the way it is meant to be. Not every soul has signed up to awaken in this lifetime. And that is perfectly OK because it is their soul’s choice. We cannot judge a person for their soul’s choice. Life is eternal, they will have many other lifetimes to evolve to a higher consciousness level.

The most wonderful thing is KNOWING this Truth! Knowing that the Light and God have already WON, and we have nothing to ever fear or ever be concerned about. The Light can never be defeated by darkness, this has also been proven scientifically. The high frequency of LOVE is 10,000 times more powerful than the low frequency of fear and hate. The most important thing now is to stay in the high vibration of Love, Peace, Unity, Compassion, and Joy! It is time for Humanity to come together and celebrate!

Elites in Panic: The Awakening They Can’t Stop Is Here!

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