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There is No Place To Go Back To

In the Truth and Freedom Movement I keep hearing slogans like “Restore the Republic”, “Make America Great Again” and “ReAwaken America”. All these slogans speak of going back to a time when there was more equality, fairness, and justice for ALL in this country.

The Constitution is a great document, its purpose is to protect our rights; it does not give us our rights. We are born with God-given inalienable rights that can NEVER be taken away.

When the Constitution was written most of the signers of this document were slave owners. The Constitution was written to protect the rights of white men. It excluded women, Native Americans and slaves (people of color).

The Truth and Freedom movement cannot be talking about going back to the 1700’s, could they? In all earnest my questions to the slogans above are, “When was there a TRUE Republic in this country?”, “When was America Great?” and “When were the American people fully Awake?”.

My point being, there is NO PLACE in history to return to. There should be no going backwards in this movement. The only direction this movement should have is FORWARD motion. To a New Day where there is freedom, equality, fairness, and justice for ALL! Regardless of color, religion, ethnicity, culture or finance.

A day where we are not trying to fix broken and corrupt systems. As Buckminster Fuller said "In order to change an existing paradigm you do NOT struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a NEW model and make the old one OBSOLETE."

As we have witnessed for the past three years, all the systems that were created by a corrupt system are broken. The government, healthcare, education, financial, and News/media. These systems cannot be fixed! We the People must come together, United and Stand up for our Freedoms. It is up to us, no one else.


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