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Conversation: Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

I launched a new series a little over a month ago, entitled “Truth & Freedom: Can We Please Have a Conversation”. This 2nd episode, airing on Thursday, August 25, 2022 at 7:00 PM EDT. You can see the Introduction video on YouTube. Also, you can see the Full show on Bitchute. And you can listen to the entire show on BlogTalk Radio.

The first episode in the series was a conversation with Dr. Richard Fleming. To my surprised, during that conversation, there was very little that I agreed with Dr. Fleming. However, that first episode was a great demonstration of how two people who disagree can have a conversation and not turn it into an argument. Which is the mission of this series. Click here to watch the full episode 1 with Dr. Fleming.

In this second episode, we have a conversation with Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Andy Kaufman. In this conversation they get the opportunity to really listen to each other, maybe for the first time. At the end of the conversation, they did not agree on the main issue, however, there are many things that they are in agreement with.

Dr. Judy and Dr. Andy’s willingness to even have this conversation it proof to me that what they each are saying is coming from a sincere and genuine motivation and intension. I have learned that on the most part when a person is not sincere, they are not even willing to try to have a conversation with the person they disagree with.

The entire purpose of this series is for people with different perspectives to have a conversation without arguing, fighting and debating. Allowing everyone to share their perspectives, allowing the audience to use their own critical thinking skills to determine what resonates with them as true.

My inspiration for this series was my volunteer work with the ARISE USA Tour last summer of 2021 and my volunteer work with the Crimes Against Humanity Tour USA this past spring of 2022. Both tours broke a part within one month; letting me know the importance of Unifying the Truth & Freedom Movement.

In the first episode, my conversation with Dr. Richard Fleming, he was condescending towards me during the conversation. As if because I do not have a bunch of letters behind my name, I cannot have an intelligent conversation with him. However, I feel the opposite way. The more education a person has can somethings get in the way of their critical thinking skills.

As I state in the beginning of this episode, there are two weapons the Globalists have been using for eons, The weapon of FEAR and the weapon of Divide & Conquer. The bigger picture of saving Humanity should always be at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

To follow Dr. Judy Mikovits please visit her website:

To follow Dr. Andrew Kaufman please visit his website:

Promotional video for this Episode: (If you are unable to see this promo video here is the link:)

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2 commentaires

Debra Robinson
Debra Robinson
11 sept. 2022

I truly wish the host wasn't so bent on making her own points...peace, love and agreement. There could have been a much-needed wholesome argument and debate if she wasn't so triggered by the high emotion. Trying to dumb down the content is counter-productive. Let 2 intelligent people hash things out and quit playing moderator. It ruined everything. Very disrespectful of Judy. Also bending Andrew to suit the host's point when Andrew himself tried to correct the host...she just couldn't hear! 2 hrs wasted.!!! How can we learn if you don't allow debate and are trying to interject and control and make nice?! This was a disservice to all concerned.

En réponse à

Dear Debra, My point is the entire purpose of my show! And it is MY SHOW!

Agree To Disagree and Still Have Love & Respect

The human Ego is the cause of all of mankind’s arguments, debates and fights. Every person on earth has the right to their unique perspective and viewpoint. Meaning there are over 7 Billion perspectives and viewpoints. You can have a conversation and share perspectives; however, you do not have to agree. All arguments are someone trying to force their viewpoint onto someone else. Honor each other for exactly how they are so they can honor you for exactly who you are.

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