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Uplifting Yourself in Challenging Times with Monica Campbell

Awake 2 Oneness Radio with author Monica Campbell airing on Friday, December 10, 2021, at 7:00 PM EST. This program was pre-recorded. You can watch the show on YouTube or listen to the show on BlogTalk Radio.

Monica is the wife of Jay Campbell, who was my guest a few weeks ago. Monica is the author of Cracking the Fountain of Youth Code, her mission with the book is to inspire women to find ways to age gracefully. While sharing her insight on how important it is to “Love Yourself”, and “Embrace Your Inner Goddess”.

In this podcast you get to witness a true heart, mind and soul connection between the two of us. It was such a wonderful connection of two people of like-mind and resonance. We speak about how when we were both very young, we were made to feel like we were not good enough.

However, our life journey has taught us that True beauty and strength comes from within your heart and soul. The message to everyone “It’s time to appreciate your True beauty.” Everyone should embrace their own unique style and never feel they are less than for living their authentic Truth.

Monica is married to Jay Campbell who is a globally recognized media personality who has written multiple international bestselling books within the hormonal optimization and performance health space. Monica and Jay’s Premium Group, The Optimized Tribe is filled with biohackers and spiritualists, for optimizing your health and mastering your intuition to raise your vibration.

To learn more about Monica and check out her book visit her website:

Monica and Jay Campbell

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