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We Are ALL In This Together

I watched a video last week entitled Unraveling the Fabric: Gaza's Impact on Western Civilization posted by the Middle Nation YouTube channel. Much of what was said in this video I agree with. However, everything he said does not just apply to the West, it applies to the entire world.

The entire world is experiencing global genocide right now. The world governments, which are owned and controlled by the Globalist Elites are deliberately and systematically killing off humanity as a whole.

Every major war in the history of this civilization has been started under false pretenses by the Globalists for the purpose of depopulating the world while making lots of money at the same time. We all know that war does not accomplish anything except for death and destruction. It never has any benefit to either side and it never will.

Over 99% of the world wants peace. So, if over 99% of the world wants peace, why is there no peace? Because 99% of the world’s population allows themselves to be controlled and enslaved by the 1%, the Globalists. How does 1% of the world’s population control 99% of the world’s population? Because the 99% allow it.

It does not matter what your religion, your nationality, your skin color, your politics, your gender, or your sexual preference. None of these things matter because we are all ONE Family whether you like it or not; this is the Ultimate Universal TRUTH that is undeniable and irrefutable.

It’s time that mankind Wakes Up collectively and puts a stop to the madness. Only we, the 99% can do this. Governments are owned and controlled and governments will never put an end to war and violence. However, we the people of the world can unite in Love, Peace, Harmony, and understanding. We do not have to be the same to get along with each other civilly and respectfully. Because we all want the exact same thing, peace, prosperity, health, and freedom.

As I stated above, much of what is being shared in this video is true, however, it does not just apply to the West. Humanity as a whole is allowing itself to be enslaved with fear propaganda and divide-and-conquer tactics. That is all the Globalists have as weapons. They have no real power, and they have no real control. They only have the power that we give them. It’s time to stop handing our power over to them.

Unraveling the Fabric: Gaza's Impact on Western Civilization

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